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Instructions are issued by the Circle Administration that the JTO screening test Qualified, phase I trained officials need not be sent for Pre-basic training.

Thanks to the Management for quick action.


CS Writes to GM (HR&Admn.) regarding Pre basic Training I & II to the candidates for appointment to the cadre of JTO screening test Qualified, phase I trained officials, but not officiating as on 14.10.2015.

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11.04.2019 : 

Holding protest demonstration on 12-04-2019, opposing VRS

Unions and Associations of BSNL are organising Protest Demonstrations throughout the country on 12-04-2019, against the implementation of VRS in BSNL.

All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle / District Secretaries are requested to hold Protest Demonstrations against the arbitrary imposing of VRS in BSNL by making 100% participation of our members at BSNL CO/Circle and District Levels.

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11.04.2019:  Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board:

Director(HR), BSNL Board invited the Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, AIBSNLEA  & BSNLOA  for a meeting in view of the proposed Demonstration call given on 12.4.2019 against VRS  in the presence of GM(SR), GM (Restrg) & OSD to Dir (HR) and apprised  regarding the Revival Plan of PMO discussed in the presence of Group of Secretaries, CMD BSNL & CMD MTNL. Wherein after discussions, direction was given to DoT to give the proposal on BSNL Revival mainly on three points i.e., 4 G Spectrum Allocation, Monetization of BSNL Lands and VRS. Accordingly DoT/BSNL has prepared the Cabinet Note to put up in the next Cabinet Meeting. This item may not be discussed in the Cabinet Meeting scheduled to be held on 12th April 2019 in view of that the Secretary (T) is on tour to abroad.

The representatives of the Unions & Associations expressed their serious concern against the arbitrary imposing of VRS in BSNL. Till date BSNL Management or Dot Administration has not discussed such proposals with the representatives BSNL Unions & Associations and its stake holders. Director (HR) mentioned that on 16th April 2019 BSNL Board meeting is taking place wherein all the representatives of   Unions & Associations will be invited to present their proposal for the Revival of BSNL and requested all the Leaders to withdraw the proposed Demonstration Call on 12.4.2019. All the Leaders explained that against the VRS proposal we are conducting Lunch Hour Demonstration on 12.4.2019 in a peaceful manner within the Office premises and without affecting the Services as a protest.

AIBSNLEA side GS & President attended the Meeting.


Dear Comrades,

BSNL  Associations / Unions  issued notice for Holding Protest Demonstration on 12-04-2019, opposing unilateral move of implementing VRS in BSNL merely for the sake of retrenchment. AIBSNLEA is also a party for the call.

Many of our Comrades are in the opinion why should we participate in the demonstration against VRS ?

An individual may think of his own benefits. But a responsible Union/association should have holistic view on the issue.

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If III PRC is implemented first and VRS¬† ¬† Next

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If Revival Plan for BSNL is¬† first and VRS Next

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If 4 G is allotted to BSNL first and VRS¬† ¬† ¬† next

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If Pension revision is accepted and VRS¬† next

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If the VRS Compensation is borne by¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Govt. and not by BSNL

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If it is implemented as Bail Out Package

We will accept VRS -  If monetisation of Land is permitted and                                       the fund utilised for Revival of BSNL

We will accept VRS -  If assurances given by Govt. that there                                         will be no disinvestment in BSNL

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If it is only Voluntary (How VRS number¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†can be fixed?)

We will accept VRS ‚Äď If the pros and cons are discussed with¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†the Unions/Associations


Why we have to oppose VRS - 

Since the Govt. is trying to implement VRS alone without linking to  Revival Plan / 4G / III PRC at the fag end of its tenure, the motive is undoubtedly ulterior  only for staff retrenchment and down size the BSNL  and hand over to Private.

Why we have to oppose VRS - 

Since the  proposal of fund raised through Land     Monetisation will be  utilised for VRS, then   where will be the fund for Revival Plan ?

Why we have to oppose the  proposed VRS -   

Since it NOT seems to be voluntary but the number proposed VRS is fixed by the Govt, then it becomes CRS.

Why we have to oppose the proposed VRS - 

BSNL proposed for approval of Land Monetisation for utilising the fund for BSNL Expansion and to meet out the Capital/ Maintenance Expenditure.  But the Govt. is directing the BSNL to utilise the funds for VRS. Then  where will the funds for   survival of BSNL ?

If VRS it is implemented as a bail out package with the real intention of Revival of BSNL, at that time we may not oppose vehemently but we can demand some additional benefits to the employees. That also we can accept only if the Govt./ DoT is ready to implement the  3rd  PRC with fitment benefit and also revival of BSNL is linked. Also If the payment of benefits are borne by the Govt., we may accept VRS as a win-win package both for BSNL and its Employees.

Now except VRS, nothing else is being discussed in the proposal. Hence we can not be a silent spectator when the VRS is proposed to be implemented unilaterally with the ill-motive of retrenchment.

Hence we request all the Comrades to take part whole- heartedly in the Demonstration Call given by our Association and other Unions and make it  Success !!


10.04.2019:  Meeting with PGM (Pers):  GS, President, AGS (Fin.) met PGM(Pers.), BSNL CO and discussed regarding

(a) DE to DGM Promotion: We requested PGM(Pers), BSNL CO to issue promotion orders from DE to DGM at the earliest. PGM(Pers) mentioned that now  new   CPC has been constituted to conduct CPC since the earlier CPC minutes were not approved by the competent authority in due time. the CPC   work is in progress. The objections raised by some executives have been examined and being put up to the competent authority for clearance to finalize the  DE  seniority list to consider for DGM(T)  promotion to fill up 891 vacant DGM (T) posts. Shortly the VCRs of the eligible DEs will be collected from circles and efforts are being made to expedite CPC from DE to DGM within two weeks time to issue promotion order to the grade of DGM (T) on regular basis. The existing Adhoc DGM(T) and DGM(F) will also be promoted on regular basis. 

(b) Promotion from DGM(T)/ DGM(F) to Jt GM post : We requested to issue promotion order from DGM(T)/ DGM(F) to Jt GM post so that they can look after charge of GM in the field units. PGM (Pers.) assured an early action in this regard as per the requirement of  BSNL  field units.

(c) Diversion of Internal MT quota of CAO  posts to seniority quota: We requested PGM(Pers.) to consider diversion of 50% MT Internal quota of CAO posts numbering 336 posts in the BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 16th April, 2019. PGM (Pers)  informed that  as per the request of our association the matter has been sent to the BSNL board for consideration and approval in its meeting being held on 16th  April  2019.

(d) Consideration of request / tenure transfers of SDEs / DEs / DGMs : We requested for the consideration of pending request / tenure transfers of SDEs / DEs / DGMs. PGM pers mentioned that all the pending applications and stay particulars of tenure stations are being examined in Pers. cell and shortly the genuine request  / tenure  transfer order will be issued .


09.04.2019:Meeting with Director (HR). BSNL Board: GS , President and AGS(Finance) met Director (HR) BSNL Board and  discussed regarding

(a) DE to DGM promotion:  We requested Dir (HR) to consider DE to DGM (Engg.) promotions to fill-up 891 vacant DGM posts since CPC has been completed 3 months before and the VCRs are expiring. Dir (HR) assured that she will discuss the matter with PGM (Pers) for early issuance of the Promotion orders from DE to DGM(T) at the earliest.

 (b) Diversion of MT Internal Quota Posts: We requested Director (HR) BSNL Board to take the approval of BSNL Board for the diversion of 50% MT internal quota posts numbering 336 CAO posts to the Seniority quota posts since the Management Committee of BSNL Board has already recommended the diversion of these 336 CAO (MT Posts). Director (HR) assured that the efforts will be made to bring the item in the next BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 16.4.2019.

    GM (SR) and OSD were also present in the meeting.
09.04.2019: BSNLAssociations/Unions  issued notice for Holding protest demonstration on 12-04-2019, opposing VRS ‚Äď
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05.04.2019:  GS writes to Sr. General Manager (Estt), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi regarding deduction of Premium towards GTI (Group Term insurance) - Withdrawal from the Scheme 
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05.04.2019:  GS writes to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL regarding non- filling-up of about 900 vacant DGM (Engg.) and 26 DGM (F) Posts
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As per the call of the AUAB, thousands of Executives and Non-Executives participated in the Massive Rally  to Sanchar Bhawan held today. Large number of AIBSNLEA members from all over India participated in the said Rally. The rally started from Eastern Court, BSNL CO, New Delhi at 11:45 hrs and the same was converted to huge meeting at Jantar Mantar.

Com. Chandeshwar Singh, Chairman, AUAB, presided over the meeting. The meeting was addressed by Com.Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU, Com. Kango, Vice President, CITU. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Convenor, AUAB, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA , Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS and Com. Rasheed Khan, AGS, TEPU.

We heartily thanked to all the comrades who participated in this rally from the nooks and corners of the country, to demand the implementation of the charter of demands of the AUAB.



04.04.2019:  Meeting with DGM (Estt-I) : GS and President met    DGM (Estt) and discussed regarding cancellation of GTI Nominations erroneously given by the Executives in various Circles while opening of ESS Portal. We also intimated that the access to update the GTI option in ERP backend has not been provided to Circle/SSA DDOs.  As such updation to opt  out of  GTI could not  be done in SAP by the concerned DDOs based on the representations submitted by the Executives and recovery was made in March 2019 Salary. DGM(Estt-I) informed that so many representations are received from various Circles for the cancellation of GTI Nominations and refund of wrong recovery made from March 2019 Salary and assured that Establishment Branch CO, New Delhi will issue a letter to GM(Training) for necessary guidance to resolve the issue shortly.

04.04.2019:  BSNL Board Meeting held today:  It is understood that in the BSNL Board Meeting held today wherein the (NRC ) Nomination and Remuneration Committee discussed regarding Restructuring of Telecom Circles, Non-Recruiting Circles and merger of SSAs in BAs. etc.,  to save the Establishment Cost and Man Power of BSNL. Next meeting of BSNL Board is fixed up on 16.4.2019
02.04.2019:  GS, President, AGS(Fin.) met Director(HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding

(i) DE to DGM Promotion: We further requested Director(HR), BSNL Board to issue promotion orders from DE to DGM at the earliest since VCRs are expiring this week. PGM(Pers) mentioned that the CPC work from DE to DGM(T)  is in progress and efforts are being made to issue promotion order in the 2nd week of April, 2019.

(ii) Diversion of Internal MT quota of CAO  posts to seniority quota: We requested Director(HR), BSNL Board to consider diversion of 50% MT Internal quota of CAO posts numbering 336 posts in the BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 4th April, 2019. Director(HR) further directed PGM(Pers) to look into the matter for an early action.

(iii) Presentation on BSNL/MTNL revival to PMO: Director(HR) confirmed that today at 15.00 Hrs our CMD BSNL along with Secy(T), DoT will give the presentation to PMO on revival of BSNL.

GM(SR), PGM(Pers) & OSD to Director(HR), BSNL Board were present in the meeting.


Massive March to SancharBhawan on 05.04.2019  

Alongwith other Circles mainly surrounding Circles i.e. Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), Rajasthan & ALTTC Ghaziabad of AIBSNLEA Circle Secretaries are requested to take urgent steps for mobilising maximum number of our members for participation in the Massive March to the Sanchar Bhawan, to be held on 05.04.2019 as per the call given by AUAB.

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