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Dear Comrades,
     Brief Report on General Secretary and President CHQ visit to Madurai during the extended Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA TamilNadu Circle on 13.10.2018: Extended Circle Executive Meeting of TN circle was held at Hotel North Gate, Temple City Madurai on 13.10.2018.  The meeting has started with Association Flag hoisting by Com. P. Tamilselvam Circle President alongwith CHQ President Com. S. Sivakumar sharply by 10.00 AM.  Com. P. Tamilselvam Circle President has presided over the CEC.  Com A. Arunachalam District Secretary, Madurai has extended the welcome address.  Homage to the departed souls during the period was announced by Com V. Sundararajan ACS.  Two minutes silence was observed by the body.   Com. S. Kamaraj ACS in his inaugural speech has brief the achievements of Circle body and CHQ body. He also welcomed Com Chandrasekaran EX-ACS & Com. Alagar Swami, SDE Ex.ACS of SNEA and Com.Parthasarathy AGM,Madurai all other front line erstwhile leaders of SNEA from Madurai,Salem, Coimbatore,Karaikudi and Trichy who were joined in AIBSNLEA.  The tall personalities in the trade union/association movements of sister association who enrolled as members of AIBSNLEA were presented  with shawl by CHQ Preident Com. S.Sivakumar.   Com. C. Duraiarasan Circle Secretary has submitted the Report to the CEC and accepted by the body.   CS has elaborately covered the current situation in BSNL in respect of revenue decrease, outsourcing of O&M and S&M activities of towers, 3rd PRC, HR issues including all pending DPCs and organizational activities during the period in between the CECs. All the District Secretaries have submitted their district report and status of increase in the membership of AIBSNLEA in their district.  Undoubtedly, each and every district secretary has suggested the ways for the improvement of BSNL, its revenue and profit.  The points were consolidated and elaborated by the CS in the open session.  Com. Govindarajan and Com C. Arumugam CWC members attended the CEC.

Com J. Badrinarayanan, CS AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones has graced the CEC by his presence and addressed the gathering.  He has briefed about the cash crunch and how it affects the efficiency of the service and employees.  Com. P. Udayasurian Organizing Secretary (South) who is always a great support to Tamil Nadu circle has addressed the extended CEC.  He has covered all the important issues in BSNL and the great services of General Secretary for the last 12 to 13 years and the roll the GS has played in getting our 2nd PRC, 78.2 fitment, time bound promotion, and the seed the GS first sow for the CPSU cadre hierarchy etc.  He has also appreciated the services of ex-all India President Com. P.  Venugopal and the President CHQ Com S. Sivakumar.  

Com. S. Sivakumar has addressed the lunch hour session about the pending issues at CHQ and the pursuance being made by the GS and the CHQ.  He has brief about all the court cases in respect of tower company, FR 22 (1)(a) (i) fitment, CPC related cases and the current position and the plan to overcome the bottle necks created by sister association etc..

OPEN SESSION:  The need of the hour is coined as the topic for the Open session i.e. “ BSNL AT YOUR DOOR STEPS”.   Com. C. Arumugam CWC member has presided over the Open session.  Com. S. Karuppaiah Ex-District secretary Madurai branch has welcomed the gathering and briefed about the selection of the topic and its important in the current scenario.  Com. C. Duraiarasan in his inaugural speech covered and briefed all the important points discussed in the morning session by various district secretaries about the new business opportunities like internet of things(IOT) linked with our Broadband services, FTTH business improvement and  requirement of some store items to implement development activities.  CS has very much appreciated the  efforts of Sri V. Raju CGM and his style of participative management.  AIBSNLEA has adopted Madurai SSA in addition to Thanjavur SSA for its physical and revenue growth.  Madurai SSA has been readily accepted as it is headed by a very efficient PGM Madam Smt. S.E. Rajam in addition to the dedicated team of officers and employees.  CS also emphasized that the adoption is as a lead association and other sister unions and association contribution is equally there.   Com R. Guruprasad Advisor CHQ in his address briefed about the image building, individual contribution of employees.  He has also suggested for expanding the 3 G services foot print from the present level of 12% to more than 50% to earn more revenue.   For intra comparison and inter comparison of data speed with our own BTS to BTS and other service providers in a same BTS area, google and facebook is offering paid analytical datas (, etc.) which are used by other private service providers.  In respect of fund crunch for our expansion, BSNL may seek a portion of  unutilized, idle USO fund of around Rs.50,000 crores as loan with interest.  Com. P. Venugopal ex CHQ president has addressed the open session about the golden era when we earned profit and had a reserve of Rs.40000 crores and how the Government has taken all the money from BSNL for giving 3 G licenses, BWA spectrum  etc.   He also briefed the Government expectations on  the hand and leg tied BSNL competing with the other service providers.  Com. Chandrasekar the newly inducted CWC member has assured that all the BSNL employees with put their maximum efforts to turn around.     Smt. S.E. Rajam in her vibrant addressed made the gathering “we the best”.   Madam has narrated the examples of educational institutions how they have gone from our services and come back in BSNL.  Service with Quality is the only Mantra which will keep us proud.  If these two things are there, we can go to any door step and offer our products.  She also emphasized that we have a lot to sell.  The unexplored areas may be taped and revenue may be increased.  PGM Madurai has appreciated our District President Com.S. Karruppasamy  for his contribution in MM module and his guidance to others including L2 and L3.  Madam has also recognized and mentioned in her speech about the contribution of employees at Trichy, Virudhunagar and Karikudi SSAs.  

Com S. Sivakumar  CHQ  president has addressed the open session about the quick management decisions taken by the Board of directors in CPAN equipment procurement, devising the tariff plans and promoting 13000 executives etc.  He has appreciated the efforts taken by the present CGM in regularly conducting the Opinion leaders meeting.  President has elaborated the 2017-18 financials.  AIBSNLEAs continuous pursuance of implementation of 3rd PRC is briefed.  The cash in-flow position of BSNL in the first half year compared to Previous year and why we are getting less allotment under medical even for retired employees against the assurances given at the time of absorption etc.   Under these circumstances, he explained the need of BSNL at Your Door Step campaign.  

Com. Prahlad Rai General Secretary in his special address appreciated CGM TN Circle Sri V. Raju for achieving more than 100 % in EB Business and got appreciation letter from Director for ‘Aseem Plan’.  GS has explained the assurances given at the time of absorption and the change of attitude by Administration Ministry and the Government in respect of BSNL employees and support to BSNL.  The present situation has raised in a planned manner by stopping ADC support to BSNL, not supporting the rural service expenditures from USO fund, compelled to pay the highest quoted rate for allotment of 3G spectrum for all the circles, not allowing BSNL to borrow funds for its operational needs  etc.  Under these circumstances, the current 1.74 lakh employees are shouldering the responsibility of more than 3 lakh employees in 2002-05.  While the Government is putting hurdle in raising funds by BSNL, private telcos are liberally offered loans from Banks.  One service provider was allowed to offer 6 months free of service to the public thereby destroyed other service providers.  At present only 4 operators including BSNL is in the field actively.  All others were closed their business.  He has advised the gathering to put their maximum efforts in improving the service.  GS has briefed the AIBSNLEA services to its members in respect of getting PRC, fitment, recruitment and promotion etc. GS has briefed about the meetings with the Hon’ble Minister on the issues of 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefit, Pension revision, Payment of pension contribution on actual basis and 4G Spectrum allocations to BSNL etc. wherein Hon’ble MOC has assured for positive decision on the above issues and other DoT officers on various issues.  Finally, Sri V. Raju Chief General Manager Tamil Nadu telecom circle has addressed the Open session.  Inspite of his hectic schedule, he made it a point to attend the meeting and address the gathering.   CGM has briefed the various para meters in which TN circle is showing improvement like Aseem plan, EB Business, Prepaid sales in respect of IN figures, fault control, decrease in down timings, making more no. of agreements with cable TV  operators on revenue share model for offering FTTH connections etc.  He is confident with the dedicated team of TN circle, this year will end up with profit.  This is the one and only motto of all.  CGM has made a thorough analysis and explained three key important areas where we can immediately improve our business.  1 Mobile 2.  EB  3.  FTTH & Broadband.  In respect of mobile, he told that Point of Sales (PoS) is to be  increased and it is increasing month on month.  Bringing back the retailers who left the BSNL and it is happening.  Visiting the retailers.  This is regularly conducted by all the SSAs now.  He has told that BSNL Management is taking all efforts and supports to improve our Business.  He is regularly appraising the developments to all the Union and Association leaders.  He is very much sure that with the contribution of all the  employees in Tamil Nadu circle, this year we will improve our revenue and see that TN circle earns profit.

All the speakers have appreciated the excellent arrangement made by Madurai  District Branch and thanked the members. Vote of thanks given by Com. P. Tamilselvam Circle President.

The following new Office bearers Co-opted by the Extended CEC unanimously. Com.Chandrasekaran AGM Madurai -CWC member
Com.Karuppiah CAO Madurai - Circle Organising Secretary.
Com.V.Shanmuga Sundaram, SDE Circle AT  Salem - Advisor
Com.M.K. Ganesan, SDE, Trichy - Advisor
Com.Venkatesan, CDL - Advisor
Com.Alagarsamy SDE, Madurai - Advisor
AIBSNLEA TN Circle whole heartedly welcomed the Frontline and Tall leaders of SNEA who have enrolled as Members of AIBSNLEA for serving the entire Executive Community.
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Flag Hoisting : 10-00 Hrs (Sharply)
CEC Starts: 10-15 Hrs.
Open Session: 1630 Hrs.

General Secretary, CHQ President & Organising  secretary (South) 
will deliver special address ! 

CGM TN Circle & PGM, Madurai are the special guests.

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09.10.2018AIBSNLEA Meeting with Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, Hon.ble Minister of State for Communications (I/C), Govt. Of India:  GS, President, AGS (Fin) and AGS(DR) met with  Hon.ble MOSC (IC) Shri Manoj Sinha Ji for early settlement of various issues viz. (i)   Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL(ii) Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners (iii) Payment of pension contribution on actual basic Pay (iv) Allocation of 4G spectrum to BSNL (v) Payment of pension through  existing Banking CPCs instead of CCA

Hon.ble Minister mentioned that BSNL should have serious approach towards Its Revival. BSNL has to grab the opportunity through   BSNL Wings   and FTTH connections and increase its revenue as finally burden will come only on BSNL. BSNL should increase its CFA customer base from 1 crore to 1.5 crore during next 8 months to increase its revenue. In mobile segment there is stiff competition.   We insisted that about 20 lakhs people dependent on BSNL and are watching with hope towards Hon.ble Minister. We requested that Hon.ble Minister can only decide the fate of these 20 lakh people as approach of Bureaucracy is always as per line of rule book.

After detailed discussions, Hon.ble Minister assured that after arrival of Secretary (T) from US tour on 14.10.2018, he will hold a meeting with Secretary (T) and CMD, BSNL. Unions and Associations   may also be invited for aforesaid meeting and try to resolve issues at earliest. On our pleading Hon.ble Minister assured to give good news within this month itself.

We provided all  the letters addressed to Hon.ble MOSC (IC) on above issues which he marked to Shri Saket Kumar, PS, (IAS) to conduct above meeting .


09.10.2018: Meeting with DDG (Budget), DoT: GS, President AGS(F) and AGS (DR) met DDG (Budget) ,DOT and enquired about clearance on the proposal of BSNL Board for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit. DDG (Budget) mentioned that the file is already sent to nodal cell of DoT with its comments that decision in this regard may only be taken by Cabinet. We requested for favourable comments on file when case come into finance for vetting of Cabinet Note .

09.10.2018: Meeting with DDG (Pers), DoT: GS, President AGS (F) and AGS (DR) met DDG (Pers), DOT and discussed the case of implementation of Rule 206 of seniority of TES Group B officers  as per Hon.ble Supreme Court Judgement  dated 14.12.2017 and explained the impugned Judgement verdict in detail . We requested to DDG (Pers) for early reply from DOT to BSNL in this regard. DDG (Pers.) assured for same .

09.10.2018: Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board:

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met Director (HR), BSNL Board and apprised her regarding meeting with Hon.ble MOSC(I/C)  and meetings in DOT. Director (HR) appreciated the efforts of AIBSNLEA in this regard. We further discussed regarding

A) AO to CAO Promotion:  We  further requested the DIR HR) for  kind consideration  the promotion from AO to CAO subject to DOP&T guidelines /endorsement  on SC/ ST roster implementation. DIR (HR) assured to look into the matter.

B) Consideration of request/ tenure transfers of AOs /CAOs/ DGM (F)s: We requested DIR (HR) for the consideration of request/ tenure transfers of AOs/ CAOs/DGM(F)s in finance wing. DIR (HR) assured to look in to the matter.

09.10.2018: GS writes to  Shri.Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL regarding request for filling up the vacant CAO Posts  

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08.10.2018: Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board:

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met Director (HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding  AO to CAO Promotion:  

We requested the DIR HR) for considering the promotion from AO to CAO. DIR (HR) in the presence of Sr.GM (FP), GM (Pers) and OSD and discussed the matter in detail on SC & ST roster implementation vis-a-vis Hon.ble Supreme Court judgement. Sr.GM (FP) informed that today Senior Advocate Shri.R.D.Agarwala has submitted the legal opinion wherein he has opined that let, DOP&T issue the endorsement/guidelines on the basis of Hon.ble Supreme Court judgement on SC &ST roster implementation. Till that time BSNL should restrain from issuing promotion orders. We contested against that and requested DIR (HR) to take appropriate decision in this regard so that promotions can be made. DIR (HR) further mentioned that she will further discuss the matter and will upload the view of the BSNL Management on this issue in the BSNL Intranet Portal. The decision will be applicable to all the cadres for promotions.
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Smt.Thulasi (Aged 58), AO/Puducherry, W/o. Com. T.Prasannakumar, AO/Puducherry expired today.

Our heartfelt Condolences to the bereaved family and friends. May her soul rest in peace. Funeral will be held at her residence in Puducherry in the evening of 10.10.2018


Thiru.M.R.Muthusamy (aged 98), Father of Com.Sornaraj, Dist. Secretary, Tuticorin breathed his last. Our heartfelt Condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.

Congratulations !!!
Transfer orders issued for AOs/JAOs.
Sincere thanks to the PGM (F) and the Finance Wing Officers.
Transfer Requests to Madurai will be considered after CAO Promotions.
Other pending requests will be considered in phased manner.



Congratulations: Field training orders for DR.JAOs issued by Finance wing of T.N. Circle Office Today.
 Request transfer orders are expected shortly.


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Com.V.Shanmugasundaram,  District President of SNEA, Salem has resigned from the Association and Joined in AIBSNLEA.

Hearty Welcome to the Comrade on behalf of Tamilnadu Circle Association !

We hope others may also think over that AIBSNLEA is the only Association which is working  to safeguard the interests of all the Executives, irrespective of Cadre, Class and Community.

Let us unite together under the banner of AIBSNLEA and fight to get promotions to all  the Eligible Executives !!!