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Dear Comrades!

AIBSNLEA supports AIGETOA agitation

 AIBSNLEA has extended its support to the agitation of AIGETOA in view of the common demands for which we jointly struggled in the past under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations. The arbitrary notification of E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales by DoT has lowered the status of JTO & SDE equivalent executives. Future recruitment of JTO & JAO will take place in E1 pay scale only. This fact was well known that DoT has processed E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales then how the said Majority Executive Associations has allowed its notification. In the recent referendum of Executives Associations, the so called "Majority Association" has been given all negotiation powers on policy matters concerning to the executives in BSNL. Hence, the "Majority Association" just after the notification of these intermediatory pay scales should have exhausted all negotiation channels in BSNL & DoT to get withdrawal of this notification instead of jumping into agitation directly. However, it is up-to them to take such decision. AIGETOA has preferred to align with the "Majority Association" for the settlement of HR issues leaving aside the platform of United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA.

 AIBSNLEA, eventhough is committed to support AIGETOA in their efforts for settlement of the genuine HR issues but AIBSNLEA cant be mortgaged to some associations. AIBSNLEA is struggling for getting limited Trade Union Facilities at All India Level/Circle Level & SSA Level with BSNL Management through court cases.

 At present after the referendum process AIBSNLEA CHQ, Circles & SSAs are not mentally prepared for the agitation. In case the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/District Office Bearers & Members are victimized by the management, AIBSNLEA does not have any recognized channel to save them.

 In view of this, AIBSNLEA decided to extend its solidarity support to AIGETOA struggle. We extend our best wishes for the success of their struggle & settlement of HR issues through the ongoing path.



Dear Comrades,

Circle Secretary has addressed a letter to CGM w.r.t Request for Implementation Executive Transfer Policy in Tamilnadu Circle and Request for Implementation resolutions passed in the 6th AIBSNLEA Circle Conference held at Vellore from 24.2.2017 to 24.2.2017. Click Here For Letter

Dear comrades!

Transfer and postings in the grade of Accounts Officer / Sr. Accounts Officer:

BSNL Corporate Office issues long awaited request / Hard Tenure Request / Cancellations / Re-Allotment / Retention and Long Stay transfer and posting orders in the grade of Accounts Officer / Sr. Accounts Officer. The request of CHQ President Shri S Sivakumar is also considered for his transfer from STR to BSNL Corporate Office.

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Dear comrades!

JAO Induction Phase-I training will be started from 8th May 2017 for JAO qualified candidates as per the revised list declared on 8.02.2017
Dear comrades!

Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi: GS, AGS (HQ) met with Director (HR) and discussed regarding:

(i) Additional facilities to AIBSNLEA: We requested for grant of special CLs to the office bearers of AIBSNLEA for attending organizational activities and smooth functioning of the Association. Director (HR) assured an early action in this regard.

(ii) E2 and E3 pay scales for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres: We requested Director (HR) to take up the matter with DoT to withdraw the OM dated 28.03.2017 on E1A and E2A pay scales notification. Implementation of intermediatory pay scales E1A and E2A are lowering the pay scales of the executives without any penalty imposed. It has also degraded the JTO and SDE equivalent cadres of the executives. Since future recruitment of JTO/JAO will be in the E1 IDA Pay scale only. Director (HR) mentioned that she tried to discuss the matter with Addl. Secretary (T), DoT but he is on leave. She also discuss the matter with PS to Honble MOSC (IC) wherein he clarified that the proposal sent by BSNL/DoT has been approved by the Honble MOSC (IC). However, she will try to discuss the matter with Secretary (Telecom).

(iii) Pay fixation initially at Rs. 22820/- of the JTOs and equivalent cadres recruited post 2007: We requested Director (HR) for the settlement of this pending issue delinking with E1A and E2A pay scales. Director (HR) mentioned that Smt. A. Panda, PGM (PF-II) committee report was studied and some clarifications have been asked from the committee Chairperson. She assured an early action in this regard.  

(iv) Conduction of CPCs: We expressed our serious concern against the non-holding of the CPCs in almost all the cadres which have been stalled in the name of pending court cases. It has caused stagnation in the career prospects of executives. Director (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that tomorrow she is going to meet with Sr. Advocate Sr. R.D. Aggrawala to find a way out to conduct CPCs in view of the urgent requirement of BSNL and pending court cases. We requested Director (HR) to discuss the Kerala High Court issue also with the Sr. Advocate wherein the hearings are completed and the judgment is kept reserved. Director (HR) assured to discuss this issue also.

(v) Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy:  We requested for the implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy as recommended by the Khan Committee. We also expressed our anguish against the burring of Khan Committee report by the Pers. Cell and drafting a new CPSU cadre hierarchy up-to SDE level only by introduction of MTs. Director (HR) mentioned that the new draft proposal prepared by the Pers. Cell has been agreed by SNEA(I), the Majority Association. However, she assured to direct PGM (Pers.) to discuss the matter with AIBSNLEA also.

(vi) Method of vacancy calculation for the cadre of JTOs: We expressed our concern against keeping in abeyance the orders earlier issued by the Estt Cell of BSNL Corporate Office in respect of Punjab circle and other circles. PGM (Estt) who was also present in the meeting explained that Kerala Circle has raised some queries in this regard referring DoP&T instruction on SC/ST carried forward vacancies and Pers. Cell letter issued in the year 2013 on creation of PA cadre posts. After examining the Kerala Circle letter it was found logical and on that basis immediately the said clarification was kept abeyance till the matter is finalized. Director (HR) directed PGM (Estt) to discuss the matter with PGM (Pers.) and take the written clarification in this regard at the earliest to resolve the issue.

(vii) Non-consideration of request / immunity ground transfers in the Finance Wing: We expressed our serious resentment against the non-consideration of request / immunity ground transfers in the Finance Wing. Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter with GM (FP).

(viii) Approval of BSNL Board on the HR issues cleared by BSNL MC: We requested for an early approval of BSNL Board on the pending HR issues cleared by BSNL MC long before i.e. E1+5 advance increments benefit to JTO(SRD)/JAO 2013 batch & PA Cadre, diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to Seniority quota, modification in SDE RR & E5 toE6 grade time bound promotions to DGM(Adhoc) etc. Director(HR) mentioned that as soon as HR Plan of BSNL is approved by BSNL Board, immediately all these pending HR issues will also be approved by BSNL Board. She assured an early action in this regard.

(ix) Posting of LDCE qualified JTOs in SDE grade: Director(HR) mentioned that as soon as the modification in SDE RR is approved by BSNL Board and she will discuss a Sr. Advocate to take out the way for promotion in view of Honble High Court Chandigarh judgment & SLP filed in Honble Supreme Court in this regard.

Dear comrades!

Meeting with Member (Services), Telecom Commission, DoT New Delhi: GS, AGS (HQ) met with Member (Services), Telecom Commission, DoT New Delhi and discussed regarding the progress on implementation of the recommendations of 3rd PRC in BSNL. Member (Services) informed that the BSNLs comments in this regard with positive comments from DoT have been sent to Cabinet Secretariat for taking further necessary action. But, the further discussions in the Cabinet Secretariat are yet to be taken only after joining of the new Secretary (Telecom) in DoT.

 We also extended our sincere thanks to Member (Services) for issuing the orders of enhancing the gratuity limit from 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs for BSNL Pensioners. Member (Services) mentioned that he made efforts to get it approved from Cabinet secretariat and thereafter immediately issued the orders.

 Member (Services) informed that DoT has also taken-up the issue of IDA Pension revision of BSNL pensioners with 3rd PRC in Cabinet Secretariat. We appraised him that earlier also the pension revision of BSNL pensioner was delayed by two years and 78.2% fitment benefit is also delayed by three years. Now, BSNL pensioners demanding 78.2% fitment benefit from 01.01.2007 are filing court cases.

 Member (Services) also mentioned regarding double pay fixation in the same scale under EPP has been objected by the CCA and the matter is under discussions. We pleaded that EPP was approved by BSNL Board and the DoT and thereafter the notification was issued. Hence, at this stage review of EPP will cause serious resentment among the executives of BSNL. Member (Services) assured to look into the matter in case if it is routed through him.


Dear Comrades, 

Today we Circle President Sri.Tamilselvan, Circle Secy Sri.Duraiarasan, Circle FS Sri.W.V.Ranganathan, ACS Sri.V.Sundararajan met DGM(HR) ,Circle Office and discussed the following.
     Transfer case of 

 (I) Ms.Nagalakshmi,SDE from ERD to CBE
 (2)Sri.Senthil Kumar ,SDE from CBE to ERD, 
      DGM(HR) replied that the above cases are under process.

(3)Transfer case of Ms.Venkatalakshmi ,SDEfrom DPI to CBE.
(4) Transfer case of Sri.Ganesan,SDE from KKD to TVL.
(5)Transfer case of Sri.Thanikachalam, Hindi Translator from DPI to SLM. 

 (6) Relieving of JTOs on RULE 8 to the maximum extent possible.
 (7) Publishing of SSA wise JTO vacancy position so as to enable the      candidates to exercise their options  who are under training.
 (8)Methodology to be adopted in posting of JTOs to Nodal Centre, Trichy.


Sri.A.Chandrasekaran, husband of Smt.V.Annapoorani,PS to GM(HR&A), Circle Office ,Chennai expired on 18/04/2017. AIBSNLEA TN Circle expresses its Heartfelt Condolences to the bereaved family.May his soul rest in peace.


Dear Comrades!

Due to consistent efforts of GS CHQ Retention order issued to Com. Manoharan SDE Trichy for one year upto 31/03/2018 .Our sincere thanks to GS CHQ 

10.4.2017: Dear Comrades! GS Writes to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL regarding  Our Protest against the Appointment of DR DGMs in BSNL 


Dear comrades!

GS Writes to

TheChairman TC and Secretary (T), Department of Telecom Govt. of India regarding 3rd PRC Recommendations on the revision of the salary and allowances of the Executives of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

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Dear comrades

             G.S Writes to  Smt  Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board Pay parity of Rs 22820/- for the post 2007 recruitedExecutives especially the directly recruited JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batches and directly recruited JAOs of 2010 batch as represented by the Recognized Representative Association, SNEA  

Dear Comrades!

   G.S writes to Smt.  Sujata Ray 

Director HR/Finance BSNL Board for delay in 

Promotion from AO/Sr.AO  to CAO improper 

implementation of Court orders


Dear Comrades!

Ongoing agitation program of SNEA - stand of AIBSNLEA

AIBSNLEA extends its solidarity support to 

SNEA agitation programme i.e Dharna on 11.04.2017 and Relay Hunger Strike with effect from 25.4.2017 to 28.4.2017. All the Circle/ District Secretaries are requested to act accordingly.