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22.3.2017: Dear Comrades!  It is learnt that AIBSNLEA CHQ has pressurized the BSNL Management today, for the  immediate conduction of AO/Sr.AO to CAO CPC for 800 (463 + 337 - 25% MT RR )vacant Posts since the case filed by Shri Prakas Vir, AO at Honourable Chandigarh Court has been withdrawn on 17.3.2017.

 Due to consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA CHQ and after a long legal battle,  CPC process has been started at Corporate Office, New Delhi for promoting 270 AOs/SrAOs as CAOs on regular basis and remaining 530 AOs  as CAOs on Adhoc basis. Hats Off to  our beloved GS Com.Prhaladji

22.3.2017: Dear Comrades!Introductory meeting with CGM, STP, GM(HQ)/STP was held on yesterday. Com.Sivakumar, EX.CS/CHQ President introduced the new CS Com.Duraiarasan, Com.Tamilselvam, CP, Com.Sundarrajan,ACS, Com.LeninRam,ACS, Com.P.Mohan, VP to CGM, STP & GM(HQ)/STP . On behalf of AIBSNLEA TN Circle, CS presented a shawal to CGM/STP and assured to extend fullest co-operation to STP Circle Administration.

22.3.2017:Dear Comrades! Yesterday, We, CS, CP, CHQ President, Com.Sundararajan, ACS, Com.Lenin Ram, ACS  Com.Mohan,VP, Com.Elavarasan, CEC Member & Com.Madhu, Dist.Secy met CGM STR, GM(HQ) and GM(F) STR and discussed the following issues.

1. Implementation of Long stay/Rotational transfer in STR as per the Transfer policy communicated by CO/ND- CGM replied that the Corporate Office Policy decision in this regard will be followed scrupulously.

2. Implementation of Internal/External transfers in STR Chennai City as agreed  by the STR Administration in the meeting  held with all the Associations.

3. Immediate relief of Com.Alexander Mani Raj, JTO/
STR, Ariyalur to Madurai & Com.Jeyachandran,JTO, STR/Nagapattinam to Coimbatore- GM(HQ) agreed to relieve the Officers shortly.

4.Request transfer case of Com.Vijalakshmi, SDE, STR/BG, and Com.Ramakrishnan, SDE/BG to STR, Visakapattinam- CGM assured to consider the cases.

5. Posting of more number of JTOs/JEs to the needy and acute shortage Areas such as Vellore, Coonoor, Coimbatore, Nagercoil,Dharmapuri, Ariyalur etc.,- CGM and GM(HQ) agreed to consider the posting of JTO/JEs to the shortage places at the time of posting of newly recruited JEs/LICE JTOs 2015 Batch.





22.3.2017:Dear Comrades! Yesterday, We, CS, CP, CHQ President, Com.Sundararajan, ACS, Com.Lenin Ram, ACS and Com.Renganathan, FS met CGM TN Circle and discussed the following issues.

1.We requested to relieve the JTOs who are under Rule-8 Transfer Waiting List so as to join with their families – CGM replied that the JTOs will be relieved during April 2017.

2. Regularization of Temporary transfer – case of Com.Alagu, JTO- CGM assured to consider the case.

3. Tuticorin Issues – We discussed in detail about the ongoing problems and unpleasant situation prevailed in Tuticorin SSA. CGM appealed to AIBSNLEA to help the Administration to restore Industrial Peace   at Tuticorin SSA .

4. Frequent transfer orders issued by the Tirunelveli District Administration – case of Com. Sri. Vijay Krishnan ,SDE – CGM assured to look in to the matter.

5.Temporary transfer case of Com.N.Kala, JTO, Vaniyambadi to Chennai on genuine Medical grounds- CGM assured to consider the case.



Status of Honourable CAT Chandigarh w.r.t.  AO to CAO  PromotionA suit against the OA no. 060/00295/2015 in Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh was filed by Sh. Prakash Vir AO of Haryana Circle and Honourable CAT issued notice restraining BSNL to issue promotion orders from AO to CAO. Due to this case, the promotion orders for eligible AOs/Sr. AOs to regular CAO whose DPC was due from 10.04.2015 could not take place.

Now the said case has been withdrawn by Mr. Prakash Vir on 17.03.2017 as it was not maintainable under section 4 of CAT rules. AIBSNLEA CHQ is doing their best efforts to issue the promotion orders from AO to CAO at the earliest


Dear comrades,

For the past two and half years, AIBSNLEA TN Circle is fighting against the TN Circle administration for maintaining uniform shortage in vacancies in the cadre of JTO/ JE in STR, STP and SSAs of TN Circle. In this regard we have written so many letters to TN Circle administration to allot more number of JTOs from the LICE qualified JTOs to STR. STR circle administration has also written so many letters to TN circle administration to allot at least 25% LICE JTOs to STR, since shortage percentage of JTO/ JEs in STR is more than 65% of sanctioned strength.

Despite repeated requests by AIBSNLEA TN Circle, TN Circle administration had allotted only 10 JTOs out of 225 LICE JTOs qualified and trained. Out of the allotted 10 JTOs only 4 JTOS had joined till date. The same has been brought to the notice of CGM TN Circle and AIBSNLEA TN Circle had requested to allot at least 20% of the LICE JTOs to STR. But CGM TN Circle replied that, only at the time of outside recruitment  JTOs/ JEs will be allotted by the territorial circle to STR(non- territorial) circle.

Aggrieved by the biased attitude of the management, the then CS, AIBSNLEA TN brought the issue to the knowledge of CHQ, DIR (HR), GM (Pers.) and PGM (Estt.). In this regard our GS Com. Prahlad Rai had written three letters to Dir (HR) and the STR circle administration had also written  to Dir(HR). Accordingly Dir (HR) called GS and CHQ President for discussion and informed that uniform shortage will be maintained in STR, STP and territorial circle at the time of Recruitment and LICE postings. Recently GM (HQ), STR also met Dir (HR) in person and explained the shortage situation in STR with all facts and figures, including the fact that one JTO is looking after around 800 to 1000 RKM of OFC against the norms of 350 RKM/ JTO.

Finally due to the committed and continual efforts of AIBSNLEA CHQ and GM (HQ) STR, the instructions regarding the same is issued by BSNL CO as per the inputs given by the AIBSNLEA CHQ and GM (HQ) STR. Hats off to Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNEA and sincere thanks to the  DIR(HR), PGM (Estt.), GM(Pers.) and GM(HQ) STR.

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Even though the so called majority association has not taken up the case properly with the TN Circle administration and BSNL CO, it has now claimed that the order has been issued because of them. Comrades please understand that the issue of uniform shortage across STR, STP and SSAs was taken up to the management only by AIBSNLEA  and not by the so called majority association, of course there are so many fathers for the success!



Dear Comrades,

Due to the consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA TN Circle, E3 to E4 Upgradation orders for Civil Wing were issued by TN Circle Office.



Mother of Com D.Sivakozhundhu JTO BSS Cuddalore expired on 18/03/2017. AIBSNLEA TN Circle expresses its Heartfelt Condolences to the bereaved family

Dear Comrades! Our CHQ had already taken up the transfer cases of Com.Rajamanickam,Com.Rajagopal,Com.Thirupursundari,Com.Ravikumar,Com.Rajamohan DGM(F) with Dir(F) & GM(FP) and it is assured by the Management that all the request transfer cases will be considered before 31.3.2017 after obtaining Long stay particulars from all the Circles since sufficient vacancies are not available in TN  CIRCLE and other Circles.Due to the Consitent efforts of AIBSNLEA, the cases are now under the active consideration   of the Management. Now one of the sister Association published the cases of our affected Members in their Web site.Since the orders are likely to be issued very shortly our Sister Association wants to take the Credit.Our Members may kindly understand the gimmicks of the Sister Association

Dear Comrades,

Com. Lenin Ram, ACS and Com. Murali, DS, Civil met Addl. CE (Civil) on 17-3-2017 and discussed the following issues.

1.    Rotational transfer cases in Civil Wing

2.    Pending E3-E4 EPP orders of Civil wing officers



Dear Comrades,

Com. Ranganathan, FS, Com. Lenin Ram, ACS and Com. Sundararajan, ACS met DGM (HR) on 17-3-2017 and discussed the following issues.

1.    Implementation of BSNL CO orders to fill up Stenographers post as on 31-12-2003.

2.    Transfer case of Com. Senthikumar, JTO (CMTS), CBE to Erode

3.    Frequent transfer of Com. Vijay Krishna, SDE, TVL in contravention to the BSNL transfer policy by the GM(T), TVL

4.    Transfer case of Com. Suresh, JTO,CDL

5.    Calculation of JTO(T) vacancy in line with the recent BSNL HQ guidelines.

6.    Pending E3-E4 EPP orders of Civil wing officers



What is happening in Tuticorin SSA

 Dear Comrades,

During August 2016, one of the lady Group A officers who is the district office bearer of AIBSNLEA has been harassed, humiliated and tortured by sending continuously throughout night, smileys through BSNL’s Official WhatsApp of Tuticorin SSA by the gang of 49 executives belonging to one of our sister associations.  Immediately the next day the lady officer made a complaint to the GM(TTN) and CGM(TN Circle).  On the basis of the complaint three member committee has been formed to enquire the issue. It is learnt that one of the members observed that there is 100% prima facie evidence against all the 49 executives of TTN SSA and recommended for severe punishment as per the BSNL CDA rules. But to our dismay GM TTN SSA who is the disciplinary authority and DGM, Chairman of the committee awarded a censure to only one executive of the sister association and remaining 48 executives have been let off with a warning commonly issued through  TTN SSA Intranet. Aggrieved by the biased attitude of the district administration, the lady officer was forced to approach the Honourable JM Court of Tuticorin. Based on the petition filed by the learned counsel of the victim the Honourable Judge of the JM Court of Tuticorin directed the Inspector of Police Tuticorin South to register a FIR under 3 separate sections - Humiliation, harassment, torturing, misusing the digital/ social media against the victim.

AIBSNLEA TN Circle feels that  the ongoing developments is just a number game. If members of a particular association are affected BSNL management is lending a helping hand even out of the way, but for a poor lady Group A officer belonging to a downtrodden community the BSNL management fails to deliver natural Justice.

However AIBSNLEA TN will extend its fullest support to the lady officer who was humiliated, harassed by the gang led by one of our sister association.


17.3.2017 : Dear Comrades ! As per the input given by the AIBSNLEA TN Circle GS has written a Letter to DIR(HR) regarding the Discrimination in the pay fixation of erstwhile officiating JTOs w.e.f. 01-01-2007  VIEW LETTER

Dear Comrades,

Circle Office bearers met the officers concerned on 16.03.2017 and discussed the following issues;

1.     E3-E4 Time Bound Promotion:  

Cases of Com.Gunasekaran & Others of  Civil Wing –  Papers received in Circle Office and the DPC work is under progress.

2.     Phase I Training for -  JAO :

Training of 6-  JAO Candidates for  whom results declared recently – CGM, NATFM, Hyderabad is addressed by the PGM (F) for starting Phase I training.

3.     Cancellation of transfer cases:

1. Com.Manoharan, SDE,Trichy

2. Com.V.Prahaladan DE/TNJ

 3. Com.M.Ramanathan DE/KMB

The cases are recommended and forwarded by CGM, TN Circle and being pursued by the CHQ.

4.     Look-on arrangement in the Cadre of CAO/AO

VC called for by Circle Office for various SSAs and the same are being received. On receipt of the same, Orders will be issued shortly.

5.     Relieving of R.S.Alexander Maniraj, JTO, Ariyalur.

DGM, STR, CBE assured to relieve him shortly.