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Meeting with Shri Anurag Thakur Ji,  Honorable Minister of State for Finance, GOI, New Delhi: Today GS AIBSNLEA, Advisor(HQ), Com. Rakesh Dhiman, CS Himachal Pradesh, Com. Raj Narayanan, ACS CHTD & Com. Rajendar Dhiman, FS HP Circle met Shri Anurag Thakur Ji,  Honorable Minister of State for Finance and submitted Memorandum regarding  increase of Income Tax exemption limit of Ex- gratia amount, Leave Encashment & full exemption of ex- gratia from IT considering as Capital Receipts. GS explained in detail to the Honorable MoSF. After patient hearing for 10 minutes, Honorable MoSF assured to look into our suggestions. A memorandum was also submitted to Honorable MoSF during meeting. 

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The meeting was arranged by Com.Rakesh Dhiman, CS Himachal Pradesh & Com.Raj Narayanan, ACS, Chennai TD.

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02.12.2019: AUAB serves upon a notice of Lunch Hour Demonstration on 04.12.2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs:

The BSNL Management has assured during the meeting with the AUAB leaders on 18.11.2019 that the Salary for the month of Oct- 2019 would be paid on 28.11.2019, but it did not happen and now the Salary for the month of Nov-2019 is also become due. In addition to that there is a fear and panic among the BSNL employees that the ITS Officers working in BSNL on deemed deputation basis will get their salary early on the pretext of Hon.ble High Court Delhi Orders.

In view of the above, AUAB has served upon a notice to the Secretary (T), DoT and CMD BSNL, regarding the lunch hour demonstration on 04.12.2019 at BSNL Corporate Office, Circle Offices and SSA HQs level with the following Charter of Demands: 

1.Immediate disbursement of salary for the months of October and November, 2019 by the BSNL/ DOT.

2.  No discrimination in respect of disbursement of salary, between the BSNL employees and the ITS officers on deputation.

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All the CHQ Office Bearers, Advisors, Circle Secretaries/Circle Presidents, CWC Members, Distt. Secretary/Distt. Presidents and all the activists are requested to coordinate with the other constituents Unions/ Association leaders and make the programme a grand success. 

02.12.2019: Dear Comrades!

AIBSNLEA strongly oppose any discrimination in disbursement of Salary between BSNL employees and the ITS Officers on Deputation to BSNL.

It is 5th  time in this year that BSNL Management has not disbursed the salary in time to its employees. Moreover, it is learnt that Hon’ble High Court, Delhi has given a direction to BSNL/DoT to pay the Salary of the ITS officers on deemed deputation to BSNL by 05th of December, 2019. It creates fear and panic among the BSNL employees that the ITS Officers on deemed deputation to BSNL only will get the salary before the BSNL employees.

Hence it is requested that DoT may devise suitable methodology and instruct BSNL so that, BSNL employees may get their Salary for the months of October and November 2019 immediately and further in timely manner and remittance all the recoveries already recovered from the Salary of the employees to the concerned Organizations.

In this regard, GS has written a letter to Secretary (T) and CMD BSNL

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Congratulations to all the retiring Comrades!

AIBSNLEA TN Circle  extends Best Wishes to all the comrades who are going to retire on 30.11.2019 on Superannuation, for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and peaceful life after  retirement. 

We extend our sincere thanks to you for your dedication towards AIBSNLEA as well as BSNL. CHQ congratulates you on your Superannuation on 30.11.2019. You are going to start a New Journey of your Life, may your days be filled with Elation and Triumph. 


29.11.2019: Meeting with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) and PGM (Pers.) were also present:

Today GS and AGS (Fin) met CMD BSNL along with GS SNEA and discussed the following:-

A) DE to DGM (T) promotion: The DPC work was initiated yesterday itself but the file approval was not received from CMD for formal DPC. So we met CMD in the morning itself. As per the assurance given to us, the promotion orders are expected by today evening to facilitate the DEs to join as DGM before their retirement on 30.11.2019.

CMD informed a fresh development in the yesterday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee in which Law Secretary, Telecom Secretary, CMD and Member (Services) were called by the Parliamentary Committee. The agenda was not properly following the roaster point in reservation in AO to CAO promotion. To our surprise, an unstructured query of the Chairman regarding DE to DGM promotion was raised for which Secretary (Telecom) replied that the DGM promotion will be considered only after the restructuring of BSNL and it is recorded. According to CMD, the reply was given by the Secretary (T) without consulting BSNL.

It is learnt that some SC/ST members approached the Parliamentary Committee complaining about the non issuance of DGM (T) promotion orders but in fact it has stopped the promotion for all, for the time being. CMD assured that he will discuss the matter with Secretary (T) next week and explain to him that the reservation is not applicable in JAG/DGM promotion and all the eligible DEs are getting covered, thereafter it will be explained to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee before issuing the DGM (T) promotion orders.

Meanwhile, we are also trying to meet Secretary (T) and Chairman Parliamentary Committee to explain the facts and getting the promotion orders issued early.

B) Restructuring of BSNL: We had brief discussion on the matter and demanded that being the major Stake Holders of the Company, the matter should be discussed with the Associations and Unions. The well experienced BSNL Executives are to be utilised at DE and DGM equivalent level and dependency on officers on deputation should be minimum. CMD agreed to our suggestions and posting will be arranged as per the DELs as well as Revenue. There is no justification for GMs below 20,000 to 30,000 DELs, CMD informed us. The Committee report also will be shared with us so that we can place our suggestions/views on the matter. He also mentioned that the Management will arrange a meeting with the Consultant M/s Deolittee, engaged by BSNL for restructuring. CMD assured that a detailed discussion with the Associations will be arranged after 06.12.2019. 

C) Salary disbursement for October 2019: CMD informed that the salary for the month of October 2019 could not be disbursed today as planned earlier due to some urgent repayment of Bank Interest (Rs 200 Cr) and about 250 Cr shortage is there today. It may take another 4-5 working days to collect the amount for making the salary disbursement.

D) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested for consideration of allowing about 70 AOs, who have already been promoted as CAO but could not join due to transfer to other Circle and subsequent ‘Status Quo’ case at Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh. We requested CMD BSNL for consideration of allowing to AOs promoted as CAOs to join ‘as is where is’ basis before relieving them on VRS on 31.01.2020. CMD BSNL positively responded and assured that BSNL will file an urgent MA in Hon’ble CAT/ High Court Chandigarh to get the stay vacated.

E) Requirement of Mandatory Training under EPP: We have requested CMD BSNL to issue clarification for giving exemption from the Mandatory Training/Exam in respect of VRS Optees as assured by him in the meeting with AIBSNLEA held on 19.11.2019 and as per our letter dated 13.11.2019. Director (HR) mentioned that the instructions contained in the BSNL CO letter dated 23.01.2013 is applicable to those who are go on VR as per the existing rules but not applicable to those who are going on VRS-2019 scheme. Hence, Management is of the opinion that there is no need to go for training/exam for those who are going on VRS on 31.01.2020 and not completed the required 2 years time. However, we pleaded that most of the CCAs are raising objections for the withdrawal of increments for not fulfilling the instructions of EPP regarding the training/exam and requested CMD to issue necessary clarification in this regard to avoid any financial loss to VRS optees

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Dir HR BSNL reply to GS AIBSNLEA letter seeking clarification(s) related to VRS 2019

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15.11.2019:  Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board: GS and FS met Director (HR) BSNL Board and discussed regarding:-

A) DE to DGM (T) Promotion: We requested to expedite the issuance of DE to DGM (T) promotion orders. Director (HR) mentioned that CMD, BSNL has cleared the proposal for conduction of DPC for promotion from DE to DGM subject to condition that there should not be any contempt case. We further requested Director (HR) to post all the promoted DGMs on  - As is where is basis - as assured by BSNL Management to the AIBSNLEA and SNEA representatives during the discussions held on 25.10.2019. Director (HR) assured to post the promoted DGMs   on - As is where is basis-. Director (HR) further mentioned that all the request transfer orders in the cadre of DGM (T) will also be considered at the time of issue of Promotion orders from DE to DGM (T). We hope for early promotion orders.

B) Request for disbursement of October 2019 Salary and remittance of recoveries from Salary to concerned Authority: We requested Director (HR) to spell out the actual date of disbursement of October 2019 Salary. Director (HR) mentioned that the day-to-day cash collection received up to 14.11.2019 has been utilized for statutory payments viz, TDS, GST and Interest on Bank Loan etc., As on date we are having 47 Cr only on hand. We further requested Director (HR) to get the outstanding dues from DoT viz,

i) Claims Recoverable from DoT to the tune of Rs. 3300 Cr.

ii) Refund of excess paid Pension Contribution to the tune of Rs.2700  Cr as on date and

iii) Interest on unutilized BWA Spectrum to the tune of Rs.2200 Cr.

We appraised the  Director (HR) about the letter addressed in this regard by the GS AIBSNLEA to the Secretary (T) & Member (Finance) and our discussions had with the Member (Finance), DCC/DoT for the past two months and DoT is not releasing the Payments due to non-availability of Budgetary provision. Director (HR) appreciated our concern and assured to look in to the matter and also assured to take the issue of Refund of Pension contribution with the Secretary (T) and Ministry of Finance.

C) Request for Urgent Clarification required in respect Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019:

We brought to the notice of Director (HR) that the employees, those who have already opted for VRS-2019 are under utter confusion and waiting for certain clarifications regarding the applicability of all the relevant provisions of the Rule 37-A  in respect of Pension, Commuted Value Pension, Pay revision & Pension revision etc. from DoT before they are finally submitting their option. They also need to get some assurance in plain terms from the Concerned Authority / DOT beyond ambiguity about the applicability of all the relevant provisions of the Rule 37-A to the BSNL Absorbed VRS optees and there should not be any differential footing amongst the BSNL IDA Pensioners when the Pension Revision comes in any future. We also requested Director (HR) for the immediate release of Gazette Notification for the Amendment/relaxation made:

 i) In the Rule 50 of CCS Pension rules 1972 in respect of Deferred payment of Retirement Gratuity  and relaxation made for getting deferred Retirement/Death gratuity by the Legal Heir of VRS optee in the event of Death of VRS optee

ii) In the CCS (Commutation Pension) Rules of 1981 in respect of Deferred payment of Commuted value Pension and applicability of Legal Heir to get the Commuted value of Pension in the event of Death of VRS optee.

 We also handed over all the letters addressed in this regard to Secretary (T) and CMD, BSNL by the GS, AIBSNLEA 

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Director (HR) after patient hearing and going through the all the letters assured that necessary clarifications in this regard will be issued by the DoT next week and he also mentioned that all the leaders of AUAB will be called by the Management to clarify the doubts.

 D. Merger of IDA of 119.5% (Full Neutralization) as on 01-01-2017 

We requested to take up the issue of Merger of IDA of 119.5% (Full Neutralization) as on 01-01-2017 with the existing basic pay till such time 3rd PRC revision is implemented for BSNL employees with the Secretary (T) in continuation of the discussion had with the Hon.ble MOC on 4.11.2019  by the GS, AIBSNLEA during the meeting of Hon.ble  MOC with the All Unions and Association leaders  of BSNL.  We explained the justifications in this regard with all precedence and handed over the letter addressed in this regard to the  Hon.ble  MOC on 

04.11.2019 -  <<<Click here for the letter>> 

13.11.2019 - <<<Click here for the letter>

After detailed discussions Director (HR) assured to look in to the matter.

The meeting lasted for more than one hour on 15.11.2019  from 1930 hr to 2030 hrs.


15.11.2019: AUAB serves upon a notice of Relay Hunger Fast on 20 to 22 of November, 2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs:

AUAB has served upon a notice to the Secretary (T), DoT and CMD, BSNL regarding Relay Hunger Fast on 20 to 22 of November, 2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs with the following Charter of Demands:

1. Immediate Payment of Salary by BSNL/DoT, remittance of recoveries, payment of wages to contract/casual workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

2. Spell out the road map for maintaining BSNL services in post VRS scenario, proposed restructuring plan and immediate launching of 4G Services.

3. Immediate clarifications on the VRS-2019 regarding i) Pay Revision, ii) Pension Revision, iii) Commutation of Pension and iv) Gratuity sought by AUAB, well before the closing date of option for VRS.

4. Extend 100% of IDA (119.5%) neutralization till the Implementation of 3rd PRC.

5. De-linking of Pension Revision from the Pay Revision of working employees and 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees.

6. No Reduction of Retirement Age from 60 to 58 honouring the agreement at the time of formation of BSNL.


GS AIBSNLEA has written a letter to CMD on 13.11.2019, requesting to speed up all the vigilance / disciplinary cases so that their VRS applications can be approved smoothly. Today BSNL Corporate Office has issued DO Letter to all CGMs to settle all minor penalty cases before 15.12.2019 and all major penalty cases on fast track basis.

Click here for GS- letter Click here for BSNL CO Letter
4.11.2019: GS Writes to Shri Anshu Prakash Secretary (T) and Shri P.K. Purwar CMD BSNL regarding urgent Clarification  required on  some points  relating to VRS -2019 <<<Click here for the letter>

E-5 to E-6: Time Bound Up-gradation of Executives   – in respect of Engineering Executives left out cases of Cuddalore, Coimbatore, Salem and Nagercoil SSAs. The cases are under process. Some VCs are received only two days back. Most of the cases, CPC process is completed and some cases are pending. After approval of competent authority, orders will be issued before 20.11.2019.


Pension Papers: Along with the Pension papers, the VRS optees have been asked to submit an affidavit in the bond paper. It is discussed with the concerned authorities. There is no need to submit the affidavit in the bond paper. The undertaking in the prescribed format is sufficient.


13.11.2019: GS  writes to

(a)Shri P.K. Purwar CMD BSNL regarding Early settlement of Vigilance cases pending against the BSNL empolyees.

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(b)Executive Promotion Policy -Online up-gradation Mandatory Training for executives who are opting for VRS -clarifcation 

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Dear Comrades, 

VRS window is opened in the ESS Portal. Please go through the calculation and benefits and quit using  Exit option or  Continue/ Wish to decide later. Members are requested to consider the benefits and other parameters which are purely personal issues and discuss with your family members and well wishers and then take a final decision.In the meantime a circular considering the merits and demerits of the Scheme will be issued by our Association. Then we may take a final call in this regard.