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Dear Comrades,
The GM BW, BSNL CO, New Delhi has issued an order to withdraw the LA Arrangement in the cadre of EE (Civil) and introduced a new arrangement without any Administrative  and financial Powers just to get their works done. Promotion on Regular, Adhoc, Officiating basis, Look-on Arrangement has now come to the lowest level of "Link Officer" without any powers in BSNL. This is beyond tolerable limit. 

Letter addressed to the GS, CHQ to take up the case at BSNL CO for early settlement.

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Honorouble CAT PB ND squashed the order of DOT dt.05.07.2017 regarding withdrawal of increment granted on Post based promotion.
Almost all the Executives of BSNL will be benifitted with (avoiding reduction of)  2 to 3 increments at the time of their retirement. The retired Executives for whom increments were  withdrwn by the DOT will be resotred.
Entire credit goes (ONLY) to AIBSNLEA CHQ, who has fought in the legal battle !
AIBSNLEA will continue its efforts in achieving the demands of the Executives !!
The operative portion of the Judgement is reproduced below;

In the conspectus of the discussions in the foregoing paras as well as considering the background of introduction of EPP, I am of the view that the impugned Annexure A-1 order dated 05.07.2017 is not at all legally as well as ethically justifiable. Its retention would create trust deficit between the BSNL employees and the Central Government, which is also unwarranted. Hence, I quash and set aside the impugned Annexure A-1 order dated 05.07.2017.
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12.02.2018:1.  Meeting with OSD to Hon.ble MOSC(I/C): 

GS, President , AGS (HQ) met Shri Anand Kumar OSD to Hon.ble MOSC(I/C) and requested him for arranging a meeting of BSNL Unions and Associations with Hon.ble MOSC(I/C) regarding implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL and creation of BSNLs Tower Subsidiary etc We apprised him in brief about these demands OSD appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with Hon.ble MOSC (I/C) for granting us a meeting at the earliest.

2 Meeting with Dir (HR) BSNL Board: GS, President met Dir (HR) BSNL Board and discussed regarding

a) Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL:-We requested Dir (HR) to use her good office in DoT for the approval of BSNL Board decision on 3rd PRC implementation. Dir (HR) mentioned that she has already discussed the matter with PS to Hon.ble MOSC(I/C) and Member (Finance) and will further discuss the matter. She also confirmed that CMD BSNL is also trying to arrange a meeting with Hon.ble MOSC (I/C) with all Unions and Associations of BSNL to discuss their demands.

b) Implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy: Director (HR) mentioned the matter was discussed in the last BSNL Board meeting held on08022018 wherein Govt nominee Director has mentioned that they will like to study the draft proposal and have some queries to reply by BSNL Thus after the clearance from DoT BSNL Board will take a decision for its implementation

c) Filling up of the vacant of Group-A & Group-B posts: We requested to hold CPCs to fill-up the vacant Group-A and Group-B posts on Adhoc basis subject to outcome of the pending Court Cases Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter with GM (Pers.)

3 Meeting with Jt GM(Pers): GS, President met Jt. GM(Pers.) and discussed regarding:

a) CPC from DE to DGM left out cases: We requested to expedite CPC from DE to DGM of left out cases Jt. GM (Pers.) informed that CPC was held up due to stay order on promotion granted by Hon.ble High Court Chandigarh direction to consider catch-up rule on promotions Jt. GM (Pers.) informed that MA has been filed in the Hon.ble High Court Chandigarh for an early hearing in the case.

b) Implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy: Jt. GM(Pers.) informed that Govt. nominee Director has mentioned that they would like to study the draft proposal and have some queries to reply by BSNL. Thus on receipt of the queries from the DoT the reply will be sent. However, he mentioned that some suggestions and views given by AIBSNLEA have been incorporated in the revised proposal, for example considering Jt. DGM Designation in E-5 Grade, Grading marks of APAR etc. Regarding other issues, service weightage, cutoff date of implementation SC/ST roster implementation etc may be discussed and further clarified. We reiterated our stand and requested to consider our views before its approval to avoid further litigations.

c) Modifications of SDE(RR): Jt. GM(Pers.) informed that Pers. Cell moved a proposal to BSNL Board for withdrawing the agenda of modification of SDE(RR) from BSNL Board but the competent authority i.e., Secretary Telecom has not allowed to withdraw the item from BSNL Board Agenda Thus the items has to be discussed in the BSNL Board meeting for modification if considered.


Meeting of steering Committee of All Unions and Associations of BSNL:

Steering committee of All Unions and Associations meet on 07.02.2018 and unanimously decided:

1. Non-cooperation to NOFN and other government projects.

As per the call of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, the employees of BSNL are observing   Work According to Rule   from 30.01.2018. This struggle was reviewed in the meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held yesterday the 06.02.2018, as well as in the Steering Committee meeting held today. After detailed discussion, it has been decided to observe Non-cooperation to NOFN and other government projects. This decision is taken in view of the fact that the DoT and the government have denied justice to BSNL employees in the matter of 3rd Pay Revision, pension revision to BSNL retirees, forming the Subsidiary Tower Company, etc. Entire Non-Executives and Executives are requested to strictly observe this Non-cooperation, in addition to implementing the   Work According to Rule   call. The All Unions and Associations of BSNL is writing to the Secretary, DoT and to the CMD BSNL, about the struggle of Non-cooperation to NOFN and other government projects.

2. Employees, other than those who are posted in marketing section, are requested not to participate in mela, road-show, or in any other marketing activity.

As a part of the ongoing   Work According to Rule   programme, Non-Executives and Executives are requested to perform their duties strictly according to rules. Non-Executives and Executives are directed not to participate in any marketing activity like, mela or road-show, other than those employees who are posted in the marketing sectio

3. Protest demonstrations to be conducted on every Wednesday. 

As a part of  intensifying the   Work According to Rule   programme, it has been decided to conduct protest demonstrations on every Wednesday. Circle and district secretaries are requested to effectively conduct these demonstrations, by coordinating with other constituents of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Efforts should be taken to mobilise maximum number of employees in these demonstrations.

All the Circle / District Secretaries are requested to ensure strict compliance of the above decisions.

1. Pension revision of BSNL pensioners: 
It is learnt that Hon.ble MoS (I/C) for Communications in a VIP reference has clarified that the employees who were permanently absorbed in BSNL from DoT are getting pension on the basis of combined service in DoT and BSNL on IDA pattern in terms of Sub-Rule (10) of Rules 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. It is stated that pension revision follows pay revision. Earlier also, pension of permanent absorbees in BSNL drawing pension in IDA pattern has been revised on implementation of 2nd PRC in 2007. Accordingly, case of pension revision of the employees permanently absorbed in BSNL will be taken-up as and when 3rd PRC is implemented in BSNL. 
2. Meeting with GM (Pers), BSNL Corporate Office: 
GS, AGS (HQ) met GM (Pers) and discussed regarding out come of discussion of BSNL Board meeting on agenda items pertaining to HR vertical. GM (Pers) informed that there was some discussion on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy proposal in BSNL. But, Govt. nominee Directors has mentioned that they have some queries to make. Thus the discussions remained inconclusive. Now, Govt. nominee Directors will send their queries which will be replied and thereafter matter may be discussed further in Board meeting. 
3. Meeting with Shri A. N. Rai, OSD to Hon.ble MOSC (I/C): 
GS, FS met Shri A. N. Rai, OSD to Hon.ble MOSC (I/C) and requested him to arrang a meeting with Hon.ble MOSC (I/C) to discuss our demands to provide justice to BSNL employees and in the interest of BSNL s viability. Shri Rai assured an early action in this regard. 
4. Meeting with Shri P. K. Sinha, Advisor (Finance), DoT: 
GS, FS met Shri P. K. Sinha, Advisor (Finance), DoT and discussed regarding settlement of the Pension cases of BSNL Pensioners on account of DoT letter dated 05.07.2017 and prior to 2004 on the issue of allowing increment in the same pay scale on promotion. Advisor (F) mentioned that already respective CCAs have started settling the cases and about 123 Pension cases pending in Kerala Circle are also being settled shortly. Instructions from DoT have been issued. 
5. Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL: 
We requested for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. Advisor (F) mentioned that mater has to be taken up at top level for settlement. However, regarding revision of pension to the BSNL pensioners he assured to discuss the matter with Member (F) and the other concerned officers in DoT.



AIRBSNLEWA has filed an OA at Principal Bench CAT ND for pension and pensionary benefits arrears denied to them from 1-1-2007 to 9-6-2013 with 1199 applicants. The case is well progressing and next Hearing is on 13-2-2018. Now they have decided to file another OA for the left-out willing Pensioners which will be joined with the present OA subsequently. The amount of denied arrears will be 80 thousand to 2.2 lakhs. Interested Pensioners retired from 1-10-2000 to 9-6-2013 may call 9433000088 or visit for details

II. Meeting with GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office:

GS, FS and AGS (DR) met GM (Pers.) and discussed about the draft CPSU cadre hierarchy proposal  to be submitted in tomorrow BSNL Board meeting. We requested GM (Pers.) that the suggestions made by AIBSNLEA must be addressed in proposal before being it tabled to BSNL Board.  GM (Pers) intimated that he has already conveyed Director (HR) about the concerns raised by AIBSNLA. He sought brief of major points.

1. Ignorance of length of service and seniority: 

In the proposed draft the length of service and the seniority is categorically ignored as it equalise the services of 25 years with 5 years. Therefore we suggested that instead of implementation from 01.01.2017 it should be from the date of last CPC held in that cadre and the year of recruitment otherwise it will not be beneficial to the executives in the Cadre(s) having more than 5 years   service. GM (Pers) told that it will result in two notional promotions, we told that BSNL is paying the 2 or 3 upgraded scales, so clubbing of services in next upgraded post can be a option.

2. Increase of residency period for AGM grade from 7 years to 12 years: 

Residency period from SDE/Sr SDE to AGM and equivalent cadre should be maximum 7 years only.

3. MT Recruitment: 

We opposed the MT recruitment provision at STS level in the CPSU cadre hierarchy and mention of Adhoc promotions on STS posts. We told that as per the direction given by CMD, there should be non-post based functional promotion up to AGM level then why the question of Adhoc promotions on AGM posts arises. The Adhoc promotion takes place against the vacancies and post based promotions.

4. Conduction of CPCs before switching to CPSU CH

We reiterated our stand that all pending CPCs should be completed and promotion orders should be issued immediately subject to outcome of court cases as there is no stay on issuing Promotions orders. About 10,000 SDE (T), 3,500 AGM, 500 DGM, 1,000 AO, 1,000 CAO, 100 SDE (Civil), 200 EE (Civil), 150 SDE (Electrical) and some Telecom Factory Posts are lying vacant which are to be immediately filled-up.

We also requested to early implementation of Hon.ble Apex court order in Rule 206 and 147 cases. GM (Pers.) assured to work out some way to complete the CPCs and issue promotion orders and to intimate our views regarding  the CPSU Hierarchy to the Management.

III. Meeting with CMD, BSNL:

GS and AGS (HQ) met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding:

A. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy Proposal in BSNL: 

We requested CMD BSNL to consider our apprehensions and suggestions on the proposed CPSU Cadre Hierarchy Proposal in BSNL before being it tabled in the BSNL Board meeting being held on 09.02.2018. CMD BSNL assured to look into.

B. Filling-up of the vacant Gr.   B   and Gr.   A   Posts by conducting the CPCs: 

We requested CMD BSNL for filling-up of the vacant Gr.B and Gr. A  Posts on adhoc basis subject to out come of the court case. CMD assured to look into the matter.

Meeting with Director (Estt. ), DOT:

IV. GS and AGS (HQ) met  Director (Estt. ), DOT and discussed regarding:

A. Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners: 

We requested to consider immediate revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners. Director (Estt.) mentioned that as per ruling position there is provision for revision of pension in isolation till the time pay revision of serving employees in BSNL takes place.  We pleaded that BSNL pensioners are not playing any role in the profit or loses of BSNL and during their service period pension contribution to DOT was paid. Thus their pension revision should be dealt separately. Director (Estt) further mentioned that Hon.ble MOSC (IC) has replied to VIP references that there is no rule exists through which revision of pension of BSNL pensioners is ascertained. The revision of pension can be considered by DOT, only with the consent of Nodal ministries and Cabinet approval after revision of pay scale of serving employees of BSNL.

B. Withdrawal of additional increment on the post based promotion in the same scale under EPP: 

Director (Estt) mentioned that DOT letter dated 05.07.2017 is still in existence and accordingly action needs to be taken by BSNL. Further any review may be consider only after the receipt of the judgement from Hon.ble PB CAT  New Delhi in the case filed by AIBSNLEA. The judgment copy is yet to be released by Hon.ble PB CAT, ND.

Meeting with Special Secretary (Telecom), DoT

GS and AGS (HQ) met Shri N. Sivasailam, Special Secretary (Telecom), DoT and discussed regarding:

A. Implementation of 3rd PRC Recommendations in BSNL: 

We requested to approve the BSNL  s proposal on Implementation of 3rd PRC Recommendations in BSNL. SST mentioned that in view of affordability clause of the 3rd PRC recommendations the case of BSNL is not covered, thus DoT has not taken any action and no case is now pending in DoT. We pleaded that pay revision in BSNL is must to keep motivated the employees and in the interest of viability of BSNL. SST mentioned that this point he has already pleaded before Cabinet Secretary in the meeting of secretaries that BSNL is the biggest PSU and having maximum man-power after railways hence affordability clause needs relaxation but the Cabinet Secretary did not consider any relaxation. He further mentioned that now this matter can be reviewed through Political decision, DPE or Cabinet Secretariat only. He advised that you achieve Rs. 32,000/- Crore revenue then only DoT may reconsider the case. 

B. Pension revision of BSNL pensioners: 

We requested to consider immediately revision of pension of BSNL pensioners. SST mentioned that he is in favor of revision of    pension of BSNL pensioners separately since it has no relevance with the affordability of BSNL since the BSNL will not bear the expenses of pension revision. He advised to discuss the matter with Member (S) and Member (F) for the settlement of the issue. He also assured to discuss the matter with Member (S) and Member (F)

C. Payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay of BSNL employees: 

We requested to consider the Payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay of BSNL employees. SST mentioned that He is not convinced in this regard and cannot recommend the case to the DOE. He gave justification that when one employee enters in lower scale and retires in higher scale, his pension contribution is varying but the payment of pension is being paid on the last pay drawn which is high. We pleaded that same thing is happening in Govt also but pension contribution is being taken on actual basic pay of the employee. But he was not ready for the argument.

D. Reduction of retirement age from 60 years to 58 Years in BSNL: 

We enquired about the move of DOT on Reduction of retirement age from 60 years to 58 Years in BSNL. SST mentioned that the issue pertains to revival plan of BSNL and it has no relevance with the implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL and in DOT nobody has power to negotiate on this line on pay revision.

E. MTNL merger with BSNL: 

SST mentioned that yesterday Hon.ble MOSC (IC) has replied in the parliament that there is no such proposal is under consideration in DOT presently in view of the financial position of BSNL.

F. Allocation of 4 G spectrum to BSNL: 

We requested for allocation for 4G spectrum to BSNL for a fair competition in the market. SST mentioned that matter is under active consideration and shortly final decision will be taken.

G. Filling-up of the vacant Gr. B and Gr. Posts in BSNL:

We requested SST to use his good office for filling-up of the vacant Gr. B and Gr. A Posts in BSNL for which all the CPCs have been stalled in the name of pending court cases.  SST assured to look into and categorically mentioned that the CPCs can be conducted and the vacant posts can be filled-up on adhoc basis subject to outcome of the court case.

Dear Comrades,
Circle Executive Committee Meeting of AIBSNLEA will be held at NFTE Union Office, Greams Road BSNL Complex as notified earlier on 09.02.2018. Meeting will start sharply at 1000 hours. All the COBs,DSs,DPs & CEC/CWC Members are requested to attend the CEC without fail.

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1. All Unions and Associations writes to Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Hon.ble Prime Minister, Govt. of India regarding the proposed merger of BSNL and MTNL

2.  Meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL:

All the representatives of All Unions and Associations of BSNL meeting held yesterday and discussed regarding implementation of Five Days Satyagrah program and Work According to Rule. The Satyagrah program was successfully organized and implemented through out the country and now we all have to concentrate on implementation of   Work According to Rule program. Also decided the strategies to organize “March to Sanchar Bhawan    on 23rth February 2018 wherein more than 3000 BSNL employees are to participate from all over the country with their Unions/Associations banners/play cards etc. The “March to Sanchar Bhawan    on 23rd February 2018 will start at 1130 AM from BSNL Corporate Office, Janpath New Delhi. Regarding successful implementation of Work According to Rules program will be discussed and decided by steering Committee which will meet on 07.02.2018 at 1500 Hrs.

All the Circle / District Secretaries are requested to ensure their maximum participation in the March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23rdFebruary 2018 by reaching in time at New Delhi. Also ensure effective implementation of ongoing “Work According to Rules    program.

 3.  Meeting with  Hon.ble Minister of State for Communications:

The Meeting with  Hon.ble Minister of State for Communications (I/C) could not be held 06.02.2018 due to his busy schedule due to the ongoing Parliament session. The meeting was arranged through  Hon.ble Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Jual Oram. However, all the representatives of All Unions and Associations of BSNL met  Hon.ble Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Jual Oram and handed over a brief note on the demands and requested him to arrange a meeting with  Hon.ble MOSC (I/C) Shri Manoj Sinha Ji at the earliest to appraise him about our demands.  Hon.ble Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Jual Oram assured to discuss the matter with  Hon.ble MOSC (I/C) for granting an early meeting.

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Dear Comrades, Due to the consistent persuasion of our Association, Option for Higher Pension has been called for form the Executives and Non-Executives who are covered under the EPF rules. We thank Our  CGM , PGM(F) and Other Executives who acted swiftly for the issuance of this order. 
Dear comrades! 
The proposed meeting with Honorable MOC could not be held today due to his pre occupaion and it will be held with in a day or two 

Posting orders for DR JTOs issued by Tamil Nadu Circle today

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Sathayagraha 4th Day – Tuticorin

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3rd Day Satyagraha at Circle Office ..

Com.Udhaya suriyan OS (South) CHQ addressed the gathering.

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Dear comrades, 

The First day Satyagraha programme was a great success throughout Tamilnadu . 

In Chennai Circle Office, more than 300 members including 150 ladies participated the satyagraha. The programmed was presided by Com.C.Duraiarasan, CS, AIBSNLEA. Leaders of all Unions/Associations addressed the gathering. Com P.Abimanyu, GS, BSNLEU delivered a special address and explained the present status of our demands and  requested the members to intensify the struggle.

In the Afternoon Forum leaders visited Gandhi Mandapam, garlanded Gandhi statue and took pledge to achieve our demands.

As per the reports received, all SSA branches have conducted the satyagraha by garlanding Gandhi statue and conducting meeting. In many SSAs the programme was conducted in some places other than the SSA head Quarters also.  

Congratulations to one and all. 

Make it more effective and continue the work according to rule programme till we achieve our legitimate demands.


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