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Transfer Orders issued in the cadre of AOs by BSNL CO;
Com.V.S.Muniyandi from GJ to TNJ Circle
Com.D.Sethuraman from BSNL CO to CH-TD
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Glimpses of Meeting with PGM(FP)

meeting with GM FP oct 2017


As per the call of CHQ/AIBSNLEA - AIBSNLEA/Trichy branch met Shri Trichy N.Siva MP and the submitted the memorandum. He assured us to discuss with MOSC to help to implement 15% fitment on 3rd PRC of CPSU to BSNL employees. Com M.Mohan DS, Com A.Radhakrishnan FS, com S.Kamaraj ACS and Com MKG attended.


Today we, CS, FS, Com.Sundararajan, ACS, Com.R.Ravi, CAO, Com.R.Guruprasad, Advisor CHQ, Com.P.K.Periasamy, DGMF  met Shri.Sunil Kumar PGM (FP), BSNL CO who is available at Chennai for an official visit and honoured him with Shawl.

We discussed the following;

1.Re-allotment in the cadre of DGM(F) to Tamilnadu Circle –Case of Smt.Maneka, DGMF.

We requested to consider the case against the vacancy arising due to the transfer of Smt.Lekha, DGMF/VLR to Kerala Circle. He assured to consider the case positively.

2.Recruitment of DR-JAOs – Recruitment of DR JAOs is very much essential at this crucial point of time on the following grounds:

a. At preset total working strength of finance wing is about less than 50 % only.

b.  Within next 2 years, about 50 % of the finance personnel working now will be retiring;

c. To handle the issues of ERP, CDR, GST etc., qualified accounts personnel are required. As in the case of the recruitment of DR-JTOs and DR-JEs, recruitment of DR-JAOs is also need of the hour.

He has appreciated our views and also intimated that the case has already been taken up with competent authority to process the recruitment.

3. We conveyed our sentiments that the wordings used in the letter dt.20.09.2017     on the subject - Role of TR Section Staff realization of outstanding - hurts the feelings of the finance officers. We are fully agreeing the content of the orders to work for increasing the Revenue/Cash flow. The TR section officers are  doing the work of meeting the defaulters at their premises for collection of outstanding, reconnection mela etc. We feel such words will de-motivate the officers instead of encouraging them to rise to the occasion.

He has clarified that the letter was issued as per the direction of the CMD, with good intention to involve the officers in revenue generation and advised us to take the things in good spirit and also assured to take care of such things in future.


Agitational Programme under the banner of All Unions and Associations of BSNL:

All Unions and Associations of BSNL serves upon a notice for agitational programme to the Secretary (T), DoT and the CMD, BSNL on 3rd Pay Revision and Subsidiary Tower Company issues. 

All the District Secretaries, Presidents and Circle Office bearers are requested to mobilise our members to participate 100 % in the agitation programme.

All the members are requested to attend the Demonstration programme enmasse on 16.10.2017 and make it success so as to impress upon the BSNL Management and DOT administration to approve the implementation of the third PRC in BSNL with 15 % fitment.


12.10.2017 Update on BSNL Board meeting held on 12.10.2017

BSNL Board Meeting held today as per the schedule wherein the implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL was one of the agenda item. It is understood that 3rd PRC report was discussed for one hour. However, Addl. Secretary (T), DoT, the Govt. nominee in the Board did not agree to discuss the agenda since sufficient time is not given to study the agenda.

So the matter is postponed to be discussed in the next Board meeting scheduled to be held after Diwali tentatively 23rd or 24th October 2017. It seems that Addl. Secretary (T), DoT, the Govt. nominee in the Board is not in the favour of implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL.

In view of that all the BSNL Unions and Associations should mobilize the organization action programs to impress upon the Govt. for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. All the Circle Secretaries / District Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% participation in the proposed agitation programmes of All Union & Associations of BSNL.

Shri.Harikrishnan (80), Father of Com.Rajan Babu, AO,Madurai expired today.  Funeral at his residence at Madurai on 13.10.2017. AIBSNLEA TN Circle expresses its deepest condolence to the bereaved family.

11.10.2017 Meeting of Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC) of BSNL Board held today:-

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC) of BSNL Board held today to discuss and give the comments on implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL and increase in superannuation benefit contribution from 3% to 5% for BSNL recruited employees.

It is understood that NRC after detailed discussions considered the pleading of Director (HR) BSNL Board on 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL and also to increase superannuation benefit from 3% to 5% to BSNL recruited employees.

Now the NRC report will be put up to the full BSNL Board meeting which is being held tomorrow morning at 10.00 Hrs. for considering and further submission to the (DOT) Administrative Ministry for the issuance of Presidential Directives with the concurrence of internal finance of DOT. It seems that till date the issues are in right direction.

All the member of NRC i.e. Shri Dastne, Independent Board Director of BSNL Board, Smt. Sujata Rao Retd. IAS, Independent Director of BSNL Board, Smt. Padma Iyyer Kaul, DDG (Finance) DOT, Govt. Nominee Director of BSNL Board and Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) BSNL Board attended the NRC Meeting. The meeting was convened by Smt. Sujata Ray, Dir. (HR) BSNL, Board who pleaded in the support of above two items of the agenda.

10.10.2017 GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL regarding Implementation of Khan Committee report in draft CPSU Cadre Hierarchy-For letter and Committee Report- refer to CHQ site.
As per the call of CHQ/AIBSNLEA - AIBSNLEA/Trichy branch met Shri Trichy N.Siva MP and the submitted the memorandam. He assured us to discuss with MOSC to help to implement 15% fitment on 3rd PRC of CPSU to BSNL employees. Com M.Mohan DS, Com A.Radhakrishnan FS, com S.Kamaraj ACS and Com MKG attended
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Transfer orders issued to the following JTOs.
Thanks to the Circle Administration.
1. Com.K.Kalaiselvan, Cuddalore to Pondy
2. Com.I.S.Jayakumar, Nodal TR to QA Madurai.
Our ACS Com.P.Senthilkumaralingm, DE/ERD is posted as DGM (L/A) at Hosur, Dharmapuri SSA. We wish him to be successful in his new assignment.

AIBSNLEA Tamilnadu Circle Association sincerely appreciate all the Distrcit Secretaries and Circle office bearers for conducting the Demonstration very effectively on 04.10.2017. Also we extend our sicnere thanks to the other Associations and Unions for extending their support at all levels. 
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