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Archive Messages for the month of Jun-2019

Dear Comrades,

We have taken up the case with the PGM(F) to give DGMF( L/A ) promotion to the CAOs instead of IFA arrangement.

It is agreed and L/A promotion is considered for the vacant DGMF post at Circle Office. CS is promoted as DGM (Taxation).

The same will be considered for the SSAs also on need basis  after  completion of  BA merger activities.

Thanks to PGM(F) & DGM (F) and Finance wing Officers.


A Special General Body Meeting was arranged by AIBSNLEA Vellore Branch to felicitate Com.C.Arumugam, DGMF and our CWC member, who is retiring on 30.06.2019 on superannuation.

The meeting was nicely arranged in Hotel Darling Residency. The meeting was presided by Com.V.A.Hari, Dist. President. Com.R.Guruprasand DS, Vellore welcomed the gathering. The meeting hall was jam packed.

Shri.K.Venkataraman, ITS, PGM Vellore has attended the meeting as Special Guest. Com.S.Sivakumar CHQ President, Com.R.Guruprasad, Advisor, CHQ, Com.C.Duraiarasan, CS and Com.P.Tamilselvam, CP have participated in the meeting.

Com.V.Sundararajan, ACS, W.V.Renganathan, FS, Com.P.Mohan, VP, Com.K.Govindaraj CWC member, Com.T.S.Kannan, DGMF,  Com. P.K. Periasamy, DGM TR, Com.A.Ravikumar DGM (A), Com.D.Kaliaperumal, DS, CO, and other Comrades from Circle Office, Com.Ilanthiraiyan, DS, DPI, Com.P.Velayutham, DGM, VLR, Com.V.Geethabai, DGM, VLR, Com.G.Karthikeyan, DGM, VLR, Com.K.Udhayakumar, Retd, AGM,VLR have felicitated Com.Arumugam.

Com.C.Balaraman, CS, SEWA, Com.K.Alliraja, DS, NFTE, Com.R.Shabiyulla, DS, SNEA, Com.C.Thangavelu, DS, BSNLEU, Com.C.Murugan & Com.B.Jothi from Pensioners Association have also greeted Com.Arumugam.

The PGM Vellore has appreciated Com.Arumugam for maintaining very good relationship with the Officers and Staff of Vellore and also he is a very good leftunent for him in all the activities of the SSA, not only Finance but also in Sales and marketing. He thanked every one of the Executives and Non-Executives for their work with involvement to achieve the targets. It was also shared by him that Com.Arumugam is one of the main tool for him to motivate the staff to make Vellore SSA as No.1 in TN Circle.

Com.CS in his speech, he remembered the olden days he worked together with Com.Arumugam in NFTE, AFSOA and now in AIBSNLEA. Also he was appraised that he played a major role in all the Circle Conferences in selecting the Office bearers unanimously. He wondered how it was possible for him to be good for all, the Management, the Officers, the staff, all Unions and Associations.

Com.Sivakumar felicitated Com.Arumugam quoting his involvement in our Association activities and also his effective participation in management also.

In his speech he elaborated the current situation on BSNL and also about the activities of CHQ regarding revival of BSNL. He informed that CHQ is sincerely trying to meet the Hon.ble Ministers and impress upon the revival of BSNL. He also explained the status of the DGM (T) promotion and Utilizing of 336 CAO posts for promotion and also other HR issues.

The meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by Com.Sathishkumar, FS. A delicious dinner was arranged after the meeting.


17.06.2019: Meeting with PGM (Pers.), BSNL CO: GS, President and AGS (F) met PGM (Pers) in the presence of DGM (Pers.SM) and discussed regarding (a) DE to DGM Promotion- We requested to expedite the CPC from DE to DGM Promotion on Ad-hoc basis. PGM (Pers) mentioned that Pers. Branch has released the Seniority list of DE/AGM(T) Regular, including DGM (T) Adhoc, working on the post as on 01.05.2019 and promoted prior to 01.04.2018 as per Rule 206 for promotion to DGM (T) Adhoc in the Public Domain after approved by the Competent Authority and now the CPC from DE to DGM to fill up about 1350 DGM (Engg.) posts i.e., the vacancies up to the month Dec 2019 has been taken into account to conduct CPC. He also mentioned that as per the legal opinion of CGM ( Legal), MA is being filed in the Hon.ble Chandigarh CAT vacation Bench working at Hon.ble PCAT New Delhi along with DE/AGM (T) Regular Seniority list as an urgent petition to take clearance from the Hon.ble CAT, Chandigarh. After the clearance from the Hon.ble CAT, Chandigarh, the CPC from DE to DGM (Adhoc) will be conducted. We pleaded the PGM (Pers) that CPC from DE to DGM is to be conducted only on Adhoc basis and hence it may be conducted immediately and promotion orders can be issued subject to outcome of the various Court cases. After detail discussion, PGM (Pers) assured to look in to the matter and conduct the CPC shortly. 

(b) Utilization of MT Quota 336 CAO Posts- We requested to take the approval of BSNL Management Committee for utilization of 336 MT Quota CAO Posts for Ad-hoc promotions. PGM (Pers) directed the DGM (Pers) to process the MC Note for approval in this regard. 

(c) Consideration request transfers in the cadre of DGM (T): We requested PGM (Pers) to consider the request transfers in respect of DGMs who have completed two years tenure and also in the verge of retirement. PGM (Pers) assured to look in to the matter. 

(d) Allowing option in pay fixation to the JAOs who came through 10% LICE quota: We requested the PGM (Pers.) to allow exercising the option in the pay fixation for JAO 2010 Batch 10% quota LICE candidates from the date of promotion as already given to JAOs of 40% of LICE quota 2010 batch. PGM (Pers.) informed that the matter is pending in Establishment Cell for comments. He assured an early action in this regard.

PGM (F) addressed regarding merger of SSAs requesting:


1. Not to transfer the Finance Executives against their willingness

2.   To consider only the Requests/Options

3.  To provide work flow to continue to work from the existing place after merger.

4. To maintain No-Disparity  among Executives in transfer due to merger of SSAs.

Click here for letter
Com.W.V.Renganathan, FS who was transferred to AN Circle is retained in TN Circle up to Sep-2020 on Immunity grounds.
Thanks to GS and CHQ President Com.S.Sivakumar.

CS & CP met the DGM (HR) and discussed the following;

1.   Issue of necessary clarification to the field unit regarding implementation of FR 22 (1) a (1). As this is a long pending issue we insisted for early settlement. It was assured that the clarification will be issued shortly.

2.   DGM (L/A) – Case of Com.Senthil Kumaralingam – Orders will be issued on receipt of VC from BSNL CO.

3.   Transfer case of Smt.Nagalakshmi, SDE, CBE to Erode.

4. Transfer Case of Smt.Cecily Nirmala DE Trichy to STR – forwarding of application to BSNL CO.

5.   Transfer case of Com.Manoharan, JTO Circle Office.

6. Looking After arrangement in the cadre of DE at Thanjavur in the retirement vacancy of Shri.Krishnan (VR)


12.06.2019: Meeting with Director(Fin.), BSNL Board: 

GS, AGS( F) and OS NORTH met Director (Finance) and discussed regarding-

(A). Revival of BSNL- We inquired about the discussions taking place in DoT regarding revival of BSNL. Director (Finance) confirmed that tomorrow in the Digital Commission meeting in DoT, the revival of BSNL is an agenda item wherein, the 4G spectrum allocation, monetization of BSNL lands and VRS etc may be discussed. He mentioned that Hon.ble MoC is very much concerned for the revival of BSNL/MTNL and he is continuously holding meetings with DoT/BSNL/MTNL Officers.

(B). Payment of Salary on due date-
 We explained our concern that salary to BSNL employees should be paid on due date keep them motivated. Also clearly payments of electricity bills to avoid disconnections and payment to vendors against AMC to maintain uninterrupted services Director (Finance) mentioned that he is equally concern for the payment of Salary on due date and other payments but the salary payment alone needs 1300 Crores and other payments 900 Crores per month, whereas monthly revenue collection is less than 1300 Crores. In case the other payments are released, salary may be delayed. However to meet this requirement, efforts are being made to take some funds from DoT, loan from banks etc. But taking bank loans cannot be the permanent solution. He advised that by any means daily revenue collection has to be increased by reducing the expenses and fetching more and more revenue with the existing services. Banking sector is also reluctant in giving loan in the Telecom Sector due to huge NPA.

(C). Utilization of MT Quota 336 CAO Posts-
 We requested to take the approval of BSNL Management Committee for utilization of 336 MT Quota CAO Posts for Ad-hoc promotions. Director (Finance) assured to look into the matter.

(D) Filling up of the DGM (F) Vacant Posts-
 We requested to fill up 26 vacant DGM (F) posts by getting relaxation in the eligibility criteria from BSNL Management Committee. Director (Finance) informed that efforts are being made to bring the matter in tomorrow BSNL Management Committee meeting. He assured an early action in this regard


12.06.2019:Meeting with PGM(Pers.), BSNL CO: 

GS, AGS( F) &OS NORTH met PGM (Pers) and discussed regarding-

(A) DE to DGM Promotion- We requested to expedite CPC from DE to DGM Promotion on Ad-hoc basis. PGM (Pers) informed that the DE Seniority list has been approved by the competent Authority and now the CPC from DE to DGM to fill up about 1350 DGM (Engg.) posts will be expedited shortly. He explained that the vacancies upto the month Dec 2019 has been taken into account to conduct CPC. We requested to give posting all the DGMs on promotion in the same circle, where the vacancies are available and excess DGMs may be accommodated in the nearby circles to save the TA/DA account. PGM (Pers) assured to look into the matter. If in case everything goes smoothly, we may expect DE to DGM Promotion in the beginning of next week.

(B). Utilization of MT Quota 336 CAO Posts- We requested to take the approval of BSNL Management Committee for utilization of 336 MT Quota CAO Posts for Ad-hoc promotions. PGM (Pers) assured to look into the matter.

(C) Filling up of the DGM (F) Vacant Posts- We requested to fill up 26 vacant DGM (F) posts by getting relaxation in the eligibility criteria from BSNL Management Committee . PGM (Pers) informed that efforts are being made to bring the matter in tomorrow BSNL Management Committee meeting. He assured an early action in this regard.


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Com.S.Sivakumar, CHQ President on his way to native on his personal visit, attended a gate meeting at Tirchy on 10.06.2019.

He discussed about various current issues at the gathering.


Com.M.Rengasamy, SDE (Civil), CBE & Com.K.Balakrishnan, SDE (Civil), Salem have retired on superannuation on 31.05.2019.  A farewell was arranged by the Civil Comrades at Yercaud on 10.06.2019.

We wish them a Healthy and Peaceful Retired life.





A function was arranged in Trichy GM office complex on 08.06.2019 to provide financial assistance to the poor/meritorious students. Com. M.Manoharan, DE Trichy presided over the function. 

Shri. V.Raju, CGM TN Circle has participated in the function as Chief Guest and delivered a nice speech. Circle Secretary Com.C.Duraiarasan, Com. M. Chandrasekaran, CWC Member Madurai have graced the occasion.

Prof. T.Kannadasan, HoD, EVR Arts College, Trichy, Shri. C.Nagendran, Sr. Manager, Canara Bank, Trichy, Dr. B.Kavitha, Asst. Professor, Cauvery Girls Arts  College (W/o Com. Ashok Kumar AO) Trichy have felicitated the meritorious students. Financial assistance, Note books, School Bags, Dictionary were provided to the students. About 50 students, their parents and  Teachers have attended the function.

The function and financial assistance were managed by Comrades M.K.Ganesan, Com.M.Mohan, ADS, Com.R.Ashok Kumar, ADS, Com.A.Subramanian, DP,  Shri. P.Mani, DGMF (Retd) and other Comrades who have extended their helping hands for the noble cause.

The financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students is being provided for the past eight years in the name of " Dr. அம்பேத்கர் மற்றும் தோழர் ஞானையா கல்வி உதவி குழு". Com. Kamaraj, ACS is the key person behind such welfare activity.

 Com.Sasikumar, DS, TR delivered vote of Thanks.

Trichy Comrades have set an example for such a wonderful social activity,  beyond our Association activities.

Well done Comrades !





1. A special General Body meeting of AIBSNLEA, DPI was conducted at Railway Mandapam, Dharmapuri on 28.05.2019. Com.R.Shankaran, CAO was honoured on the eve of his Retirement on 31.05.2109.

Com.C.Arumugam, CWC Member and Com.M.Shanmugasundaram DS, Salem have participated in the meeting and felicitated the retiring comrade.

The meritorious children of our members in the recent Board Examinations were also honoured. Com.Ilanthiraiyan, DS and Com.Ramasundaram have made elaborate arrangements.


2. A special GB was conducted at Karaikudi GM Office on 02.06.2019 to felicitate Com.BR.Nagarajan, AO & Com.Meenal AO (VR). Even though it was Sunday, most of the members have attended the meeting and made it successful. Com.Yuvaraj, DS welcomed the gathering. The meeting was presided by Com.Mohandoss ADS. Com.C.Duraiarasan, CS & Com.S.kamaraj, ACS have felicitated the retiring comrades.

CS in his elaborated speech explained the latest position of BSNL and our role. It was discussed about the importance of Unity and preparedness for any type of movement for saving BSNL. Also it is the top most agenda of the Association and AUAB to pursue for allotment of funds for EB, Contract labour wages, Hiring Vehicle and other maintenance activities.

Com.Bhuminathan, DS, BSNLEU, Com.Lal Bahadur, NFTE, Com.kK.H.Krishnasamy,  DS SNEA, Com.S.Murugan,  Pensioner Association, Com.S.Saminathan, PS (Retd) and the comrades of AIBSNLEA, KKD have addressed the meeting. A delicious Karaikudi style lunch was arranged by the comrades at the end of the meeting.


3. Com.R.Shanthi, DE STR Kumbakonam has retired on VRS.A function was arranged by the AIBSNLEA, KMB on 03.06.2019.Com.Sridhar, Retd. DGM (husband  of Com.Shanthi)  was the stalwart of TESA and DS,TESA,KMB  in 2002 and subsequently become the veteran leader of AIBSNLEA . We wish them both a Happy, healthy and contended retired life.

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Com.P.J.Gokulan, JTO (Retd), our Ex-District Secretary of AIBSNLEA, Kumbakonam has passed away today (07.06.2019) morning due to his prolonged illness.

We remember his contribution to our District Association.

We express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.


CS writes to GS for taking up the transfer cases of DGM (Engg.)

Respected Comrade,

Sub: Request Transfers in the cadre of DGM (Engg.) - reg.

Most of the DGMs transferred out of TN Circle during 2017 have completed / completing Two Years of Service by June-2019.

Hence the cases may be taken up at appropriate level at BSNL CO for issue of transfer orders to those who are completing two years up to Jun-2019, before issue of promotion / posting orders of Adhoc DGMs, so that they can be accommodated in their home SSA/Station.

Also in Tamilnadu Circle, the eligible candidates for DGM promotion are higher than the vacancies available as on date. Hence it is requested that while arriving vacancies, the retirement vacancy up to 31.03.2020 or at least up to Dec-2019 may be taken into account so that the seniors at the verge of retirement may be accommodated in TN Circle itself. 

With regards,                     

Circle Secretary

CS writes to PGMF to defer the proposal of transfer Finance of Executives on SSA merger Click here for letter
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