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Smt.Sujatha Venkateswaran has joined as PGM (Finance) at Tamilnadu Circle. Office bearers of AIBSNLEA Tamilnadu Circle alongwith Circle Office Branch Office bearers  welcomed her and honoured with shawl.

Madam said that she is open minded and approach the issues transparently. We also assured our fullest co-operation.


Smt.Narayani, aged 87 years, Mother of Smt.N.S.Lalitha, CAO, Madurai expired today morning. Funeral will be held today around 0430 PM at her native place, Thirunagar, Madurai.

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family.


Com.G.BALASUBRAMANIAN, CAO, KARAIKUDI breathed his last due to sudden heart attack today at 7-00 PM. Our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace. Last funeral will be done tomorrow at his residence nearby Karaikudi GM Office.

CS writes to GS on posting of DGMs to TN Circle on promotion.

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NEW YEAR -2019









Meeting with Addl. Secy(T), DoT: AST DoT granted meeting today to AIBSNLEA to discuss regarding

(i) Constitution of committee comprising DOT/BSNL officers and AUAB representatives for AUAB demands: We expressed our concern against non inclusion of the Executive Associations in the said committee and not holding of the Committee meeting. AST appreciated our concern & directed Jt. Secy(Admin), DoT to consider the inclusion of Executive Associations name in the committee & to  take the approval of Secy(T), DoT. We further requested to head the Committee by AST. AST directed Jt. Secy(Admin), DoT to hold the committee meeting at the earliest and mentioned that due to his business it will be difficult for him to head the committee.

(ii) Status of AUAB demands: AST to our query on the settlement of AUAB demands, mentioned that :-

(a) Payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale:AST tried to contact  with Member(S), DoT to discuss the matter but he was not available in the office then he directed DDG(Estt.) to come & discuss the matter with him. Further he mentioned that DoT may immediately reply to DoE that 01.01.2017 can be the cut of date for its implementation at present. We requested him to consider 01.01.2006 as per DoP&T order.

(b) Delinking of pension revision from pay revision of BSNL employees: AST directed Jt. Secy(Admin), DoT, who was present in the meeting, to discuss the matter with Jt. Secy, DoP&PW, Mr. Mathur for consideration & early reply to DoT letter. He also assured to discuss the matter with Member(S)/DDG(Estt.) for early settlement of the issue.

(c) 3rd PRC implementation & Wage revision of BSNL employees: We expressed our serious  concern against the DoT letter dated 19.12.2018 <<<Click here for letter>>> ] given to BSNL for further reply to viability of BSNL w.r.t. pay revision. Jt. Secy(Admin), DoT mentioned that the DoT letter dated 19.12.2018 has been given to BSNL to reply the queries made by IFD of DoT. AST mentioned that yesterday they had a detailed meeting with Smt. Rekha Jain & her team, the representatives of IIM Ahmedabad on revival of BSNL & thes IIM Ahmedabad report submission to DoT is expected on 4th Jan.,2019. On the basis of IIM Ahmedabad report Cabinet Note will be moved to Cabinet for the implementation of 3rd PRC.

(d) 4G Spectrum to BSNL: AST mentioned that DoT is trying to resolve the issue from DoE but did not discuss the actual status of the issue.

(f) Revision of pay scales E1A by E2, E2A by E3, E3 by E4, E4 by E5, E5 by E6 & E6 by E7: AST marked on our letter to Jt. Secy(Admin), DoT to put up the status of the case.


We further requested AST to hold the committee meeting at the earliest as per the suggestions given by Convener AUAB. The delay in settlement of AUAB demands is causing resentment & frustration among the BSNL employees. To avoid resumption of Indefinite Strike by AUAB, the demands should immediately be settled by DoT as assured by the Honorable MOSC & Secy(T), DoT. AST mentioned that AUAB leaders can any time meet with him in the first week of Jan., 2019 to discuss the demands.


GS & President CHQ attended the meeting.



Meeting with Director(HR), BSNL Board: GS, President met Director (HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding (GM(SR), GM(Pers.) and OSD to Director(HR) were present in the meeting)

(a) DE to DGM(T) Promotion: With the continuous persuasion of AIBSNLEA, the approval tocnduct CPC from DE to DGM(T) to fill up of 891 DGM(T) vacant posts has been given  by CMD BSNL / Director(HR), BSNL Board today. We extended our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL / Director(HR), BSNL Board for allowing CPC from DE to DGM(T). We requested Director(HR)  for early issuance of the promotion orders. Director(HR) assured an early action in this regard.

(b) Efforts to get vacated Status- Quo in AO to CAO Promotion order from Honorable CAT Chandigarh: Director(HR) directed GM(Pers.) to take immediate action to get vacate Status Quo order from AO to CAO promotions. We further requested for cancellation of out station transfers in promotion. Director(HR) assured to look into.

(c) 6th AIC of AIBSNLEA at Vijayvada, AP : We extended our invitation to Director(HR), BSNL Board for attending 6th AIC of AIBSNLEA being held at Vijayawada, AP w.e.f. 9th April to 11th April 2019 as Guest of Honour. Director(HR) assured to make it convenient to attend the AIC.

(d) JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotion: We requested Director(HR) to fill up about 4700 SDE(T) vacant posts. Director(HR) mentioned that an affidavit is being filed in the Honorable CAT Ernakulam before 31st Dec., 2018 and their after on the disposal of the contempt case, the promotion orders will be issued.


26.12.2018: Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS, President & AGS (DR) met CMD,BSNL  and discussed regarding;

(a) DE (Regular) / DGM(T) Adhoc  Promotion:  We requested CMD  to fill up all the vacant DGM(T) posts.   We informed the proposal for filling up of 779 DGM(T)  vacant posts  and 112 post DGM/ Addl. GMs entrusted to GM charge. CMD  assured for early action in this regard.

(b) Status of the AUAB demands in DOT:  We enquired about the status of the AUAB demands in DOT and the constitution of committee comprising DOT/BSNL officers and AUAB representatives. CMD BSNL informed that committee formation file is with Secretary (T) and once approved, the meeting of committee may take place to discuss the demands of AUAB. We shown our serious concern about inordinate delay in formation of committee. We requested that AIBSNLEA should also be one of the nominee in the Committee.

(c) Financial constraints in BSNL: We expressed our concern that the payment of Bank EMIs of employees, Medical claims, GPF/EPF payments, EB bills , Vendor bills payments, Tower rents etc. are not being paid by BSNL which has caused serious problem to all concerns. CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and mentioned that he is trying that all pending payments i.e Electricity   Medical claims, GPF/EPF payments, Vendor bills at up to certain extent   etc. . will be paid  by    31-12-2018 and we may enter in new year with no pendency.

(d) 6th AIC at Vijayvada, AP: We extended our invitation to CMD, BSNL for attending  6th AIC of AIBSNLEA being held at Vijayawada, AP w.e.f. 9th April to 11th April 2019 as chief Guest. CMD assured to make it convenient to attend the AIC.

(e) MT recruitment withdrawal: We requested CMD BSNL to withdraw MT recruitment in BSNL above the level of JTO/JAO which will block the carrier progression of executives in BSNL, CMD appreciated our concern and assured to look into the matter.


The Chamber of the DGM Finance, Tuticorin was locked without even informed to the officer concerned. The room was locked when the IFA was on official meeting at Circle office.  The files which were placed in the room for the disposal of the IFA were locked inside. On enquiry, it was informed by the DGM (Admn.) that the room was locked as per the oral instructions of the PGM/TT for the purpose of converting the room as IQ for the exclusive purpose of the guest (?) visit of the PGM. 

We strongly condemn the arrogant attitude of the Tuticorin Administration and request the CGM to kindly intervene and stop the proposal of converting of the Chamber of DGM (F) in to IQ  and restore the arrangement prevailed earlier.


AIBSNLEA TN Circle issued Notice for conduct of District Secretaries Meeting on 29.12.2018 at NFTE Union Office, Circle Office Complex, Greams Road, Chennai.

All District Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting without fail. Other Circle office bearers those who are interested may also attend the meeting.

The members those who are attending the meeting may submit  proposals/ suggestions for improving sales/revenue so as to consolidate the same and submit to Circle Management.

Com.S.Sivakumar, CHQ President and Com. R.Guruprasad, Advisor, CHQ will address the Meeting.

Click here for notice

20.12.2018: Meeting  with GM(Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi:     

GS, President, FS & AGS(Fin.) met GM(Pers.) & discussed regarding

(a) DE(Regular) / DGM(T) Adhoc  Promotion: We extended our thanks to GM(Pers.)  for getting Stay Order vacated from DE to DGM(T) in the Hon.ble CAT Chandigarh. We requested GM (Pers.) to fill up all the vacant DGM(T) posts GM(Pers.) informed the proposal for filling up of around 780 DGM(T)  vacant posts has been submitted to the Competent  Authority for approval. The process of CPC has already been started. GM (Pers.) assured for early promotion order.

(b) JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotions: We requested GM(Pers.) to fill up about 4700 vacant SDE(T) posts since there is no stay order in promotions from JTO(T) to SDE(T).  We further requested GM(Pers) to issue promotion orders from JTO(T) to SDE(T) in accordance with the Judgement delivered by the Hon.ble High court Kerala i.e., 1 : 1 ratio for Departmental quota JTO & Dr. JTO to avoid further litigation. GM(Pers) informed that a proposal for promotion from JTO to SDE(T) has been submitted to the Competent Authority for approval and after the receipt of the approval from  the Competent Authority,  affidavit will be filed in the Hon.ble CAT, Ernakulam

 (c) Legal opinion from ASG for the implementation of Rule-206 of SDEs Seniority case: GM(Pers.) informed that Director(HR), BSNL Board has given the approval to take the legal opinion from ASG for the implementation of Rule-206 of TES Group-B seniority case judgment delivered by the Hon.ble Supreme Court. The draft proposal for seeking legal opinion from ASG is being sent shortly. AIBSNLEA requests has been considered by Director(HR) & GM(Pers.) to seek the legal opinion from ASG to implement the Hon.ble SC judgment on Rule-206 TES Group-B officers seniority case in true sense.


AIBSNLEA notifies its 6th AIC at Vijaywada , Andhra Pradesh:

6th All India Conference of All India BSNL Executives Association (AIBSNLEA) will be held at Tummalapalli Kshethrayya Vari Kalashetram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh from 9th April, 2019 to 11th April, 2019.